Things I wish I had known about university

1) Nobody cares about how you look in class. If I had known this in August I would have packed a whole lot less clothing. The truth is that when you show up at a lecture, everyone has different stuff going on. Some are coming straight from the gym, others slept in because they had been up late finishing work for another class the night before, and still others are already on their third back-to-back class of the day and therefore are hauling half a library on their backs. What I’ve realized is that this isn’t our school so much as it is our home. Therefore, people dress like they would at home; they come as they are. I mean, don’t get me wrong, some people still put together outstanding outfits, but more often than not, jeans and sweatpants prevail.

2) You have a ton of free time. And okay, I get that as the semester gets harder, I will be using all of that time to study, but it’s still a complete shock to me that I get to manage so much of my own time. In high school I was pretty independent, but I still had to be present at school for six hours a day. In addition to that, there were times when I was expected to be at home with my family, and times after school when extra-curriculars took place.  It’s still strange to me that all I have to do here is show up to five classes a week, all of which are a five minute walk from my bedroom. There are extracurriculars, yes, but at the moment I’m not “committed” per se to any of them; I can choose to show up if I feel like it. For me, the luxury here isn’t so much the freedom because my parents have always let me be fairly independent. The luxury is the sheer abundance of time at my disposal. I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately because never before have I had two or three hour time blocks to sit down and watch a movie. Usually in high school I could fit in one tv show between school and clubs and soccer, and even then, only if I pvr’d it and skipped through the commercials. And okay, yeah, I’m sure I’ll have to watch a few less movies and do a lot more studying soon enough, but still, the luxury is there.

3) Everyone belongs here. It’s like this whole shift in attitude from high school. In high school, you found friends if you got lucky and found people who were like you. In university, people look past your weirdness, and even embrace it. I think part of it is because we’re all strangers to each other and everyone is eager to be open to one another and make friends, whatever the kind. However, I think a bigger part of it is that we’re all here because we want to, not because we’re forced to. It creates this kind of buoyant environment; it’s one full of enthusiasm and excitement instead of one of boredom and frustration. If you show that you care about something, people are attracted to that here. The result is that everyone is included because everyone cares. That is, after all, why they’re here.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and it’s also a little premature. We’ll see how I feel about all of this in the coming weeks and months.


Uh oh Kay is talking about boys again

It occurs to me that I’m an adult now and maybe I ought to start saying “men” instead of boys, but I don’t really feel like a grown up yet, so I’m sticking with boys for now okay?

I like Nob. I have always liked Nob, from the day I met him and he gave me this crazy grin and said something sarcastic that I don’t remember. I liked him in grade 10 english when he joked around a lot, but it turned out he really cared about the subject and he is a really good writer actually. Then in sports med I liked how he sat in front of me and we would have these intense political debates when we were supposed to be taping ankles. And I even liked being in math with him three years in a row, even though his favourite thing to do was tease me and stick paper clips in my hair when I wasn’t looking.

The problem is that we already tried the dating thing once. In grade 11 we went on a couple dates, coffee and skating a such, and it was fun, but he just seemed so nervous and awkward. I didn’t want dating to be awkward, so I went out with Patt instead, and then he dated some other girl from english class who I’m pretty sure wasn’t smart enough to get his jokes. I think he was mad at me for a while for rejecting him, but the truth is that we have too much fun together to stay away from each other. We tease each other about that stuff now.

The problem is that in grade 11 I had my reasons for not dating him. I just don’t know if they still apply. I was scared that he was too sensitive and awkward and inexperienced for me and that I would just find it frustrating and it would ruin our friendship. He’s different now though. I think. He’s more confident I guess.

It’s like, I feel this incredible pull towards him, but I don’t exactly know what that means. I just like being near him. I like talking to him and just absorbing the energy between us. I can practically hear it crackling when we get close.

It’s not like, love though. I mean, I think if it was love I would just know, you know? I wouldn’t be sitting in bed with my laptop right now questioning it on my blog…right?


I will almost certainly see him this fall. His university is within spitting distance of mine and Lyd goes there too, so I will definitely be visiting. And we’re going to a screening of Serenity with Drew next week, and laser tagging tomorrow.

It’s enough just to hang out with him. I don’t need anything else. Probably. Ugh I just don’t know.

Here’s a post I wrote about Nob back in grade 10. It’s funny to read what I thought about him back then. It’s different, but the same.

Packing mania


I finally started packing for uni this weekend. I convinced my father that I will need to ship a lot of stuff in addition to taking a couple suitcases on the plane.

Dad: But Pal didn’t need to ship anything when he went to uni.

Kay: Pal owns like four shirts and two pairs of shoes.

Dad: Well you aren’t bringing all your clothes, are you?

Kay: …

So yeah. We’re sending the shipment this week and it will hopefully arrive at my dorm when I move in on September 1st.

Packing is hard. I mean, I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to box up my entire life, but I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to decide what to bring. The problem is that it’s so hard to picture what my life is going to be like next year. Maybe I’m going to do a lot of hiking and running and sports teams, so I should bring a lot of work out clothes. On the other hand, I might end up spending all my time out on the town with friends and I’ll want cute dresses and shoes. Or maybe I’ll just be studying my face off and I’ll need a lot of sweatpants and t shirts. How can I possibly predict who I’m going to be this year?

Oh well. At least I know one thing: I’m going to need a lot of cute shoes.

How to look like you’re stylish without actually trying

I always laugh when I’m reading my yearbook comments because I always get a bunch that are like, “Kay you are so stylish!” *Cue michevious grin* If only you knew, girl from bio class, that it’s all just an illusion…

I figured out the trick in Grade 10. All it takes to be considered stylish is to add a few key pieces to your wardrobe and use them correctly:

-Wear a scarf. The bigger the scarf is, the more stylish you look; don’t ask me why. I guess you know what they say about big scarves…big scarf












-Buy strange shoes. They don’t even have to be cute, they just have to not be UGGs or ballet flats. People will see them and automatically think that you know about some cool trend that they haven’t heard about yet, when in reality they’re just granny boots from one of those shoes-with-arch-support stores.

granny shoes

-Get something high-waisted. Skirt, pants, shorts, whatever. It’s just like regular clothes but you tuck your shirt into it and are all of a sudden 150% trendier.

Oh look they're like regular pants only HIGHER wow wow wow

Oh look they’re like regular pants only HIGHER wow wow wow

-Wear a hat. Bam. Trendy. Also, it’s great for bad hair days.

To look extra pretentious wear a beret like I do

To look extra pretentious wear a beret like I do

-Throw on an ugly sweater. People will think you’re wearing it to be ironic, but it’s actually really comfy and your grandma knitted it for you for Christmas.

Not sure if this guy is being ironic or if he just likes his sweater

Not sure if this guy is being ironic or if he just likes his sweater
This is from Blue Collar Catwalk

-Cute little patterns are always cool. The quirkier the better. I have this t-shirt with little ducks on it that everyone thinks is the most stylish thing for some reason.

It's automatically cool because birds

It’s automatically cool because birds










-Wear a t-shirt on top of a dress. Then put a belt around your waist. It takes no effort, I swear, but it makes people think that you work for Vogue or something.

Ta da! Easy peasy. This is from Rachel the Hat

Ta da! Easy peasy.
This is from Rachel the Hat

-Get patterned tights. They’re like regular tights, but more impressive for some reason. Patterns? On your legs? This is crazy shit.

No, trust me, they're actually cool

No, trust me, they’re actually cool





















-Roll up your pant cuffs just once. I don’t know why, it just looks cool. Like, hey, that girl knows how to wear those pants differently. I don’t know.

oh hello I just rolled these up to go wading in the stream or whatever.

oh hello I just rolled these up to go wading in the stream or whatever.
















That’s it. You don’t have to know anything about what’s trendy to make people think you’ve got style, and you also don’t have to spend hours planning your outfit. I do like one of these things a day usually.