October: National ________ month

According to the wise interwebs, October is:

-National Book Month (too bad I don’t have time to read any books other than my textbooks)

-National Cookie Month

-National Pizza Month

-Strangely it’s both National Country Ham Month and National Vegetarian Month

-National Sarcasm Month (I’m like never sarcastic, so I would never get behind this one)

(That was sarcasm in case you didn’t catch that)

In addition to all of these excellent celebrations, I will also be participating in my own sort of commemorative month. From this day forward, I declare October International Get Your Shit Together Month. Exciting commemorative activities include:

-Making a schedule of all of the assignments due this month

-Actually working out regularly

-Doing all of the things I avoided doing in September, like calling my cell phone company about why they consistently charge me five dollars more than it says they should in my contract

-Starting using sticky notes and to do lists and other organizational shit that apparently works

-Getting out of bed before 11 on days when I don’t have class till 11:30

-Remembering to blog because I always feel better when I do it

-Not eating dessert at every meal at the cafeteria

-Vacuuming my room for the first time since I’ve gotten here (yes, I’m aware of how disgusting it is that I haven’t vacuumed yet)

So hooray for International Get Your Shit Together Month! Feel free to celebrate with me and tell me what you’ve been doing to commemorate this important month.

A side note I guess I should add is that although this is a joke post, the reason I got thinking about this is that it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For those who don’t know, my mom died from breast cancer two and a half years ago. I saw some pink ribbons displayed in a store the other day and it was one of those weird out-of-nowhere moments where the loss is suddenly fresh again and you can’t breathe for a second. I don’t really have anyone to talk about it with here either. I’m at the point where I have friends now, but not talk-about-your-dead-mother friends. In time, perhaps. For now I just swallow my grief and remind myself to keep breathing.

That’s all you really can do, I guess.

So anyway, if you get a chance, buy a pink ribbon or make a donation to breast cancer research. Also, tell all your girlfriends to get breast exams and learn how to do self exams. The thing is, awareness does matter and early diagnosis does too. I make fun of it, but the whole awareness-month thing is a good idea.


8 thoughts on “October: National ________ month

  1. National Cookie Month! Goshdarnit, I need to get eating cookies.

    But on a more serious note, you can talk to me about missing your mother anytime. I’d miss her too.

  2. I saw on Facebook that October is national breast cancer month (on a side note, all these “national” months make me wonder which nation?? I assume 90% of them are American national months). There are no pink ribbons in Germany, but I used to buy at least one every year in the UK. My step mum died of breast cancer when I was 12 and I still miss her.

    I may not be American, but I think I deserve some cookies 😉

  3. It’s Cookie Month!!! I celebrated that twice last night, and I didn’t even know it was a holiday.

  4. I love how you always have to explain in brackets ( )

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