13 thoughts on “Frosh Day 6: Ughhhh…

  1. Well, the problem with college is that you are bang in there with other people and their germs all the time. College sick puts high school sick to shame. So, yes, you do have to take care of yourself. Because, in addition to all those germs, no one is getting proper sleep or eating right. Everyone is writing papers until 2 am and running themselves generally ragged. And all those run-down bodies are germ incubators. It is a bacterium’s heaven. Which is why it began to seem like a good idea to make you kids get shots for things hardly anyone else gets, like meningitis. I had nasty cases of bronchitis my first two years each January, and came down with something or other on every school holiday.

    Eat right. Sleep right. Take your vitamins. Otherwise, you lose too much time to stupid sicky things.

  2. We always called that “fresher’s flu”. Mixing with people you’ve never met before… sharing their unfamiliar germs. Plus you’re so busy you hardly get enough sleep, meaning it’s harder to fight off the bugs. Most of the people I studied with camr down with a cold during the first week or two of a term! Feel better soon.

  3. Feel better! Give it time. You will feel at home in no time at all.

  4. I think you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing – resting up but not letting your sickness get the best of you. The beginning of college is the best time to meet friends and try out all different kinds of clubs. You’ll be so busy that you’ll forget about the homesickness. Get well soon 🙂

  5. Feel better! The friends you meet in clubs or the ones you study with (ahem, pull all-nighters with) are the friends you’re going to stick with. I didn’t keep in touch with anyone from frosh the week after school started. We just had nothing in common.

    • Oh good that’s good to know. I was kind of worried that I was stuck with the people I’ve met so far, if you know what I mean. I definitely don’t have anything in common with most of the people on my floor.

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