T-minus 24 hours

Tomorrow I move into residence at the university. This time tomorrow perhaps I’ll be sitting in my res room listening to Vampire Weekend pumping out of my new Bose speakers (a belated birthday present from my dad), or maybe I’ll be eating dinner with some of my floormates in the fantastic cafeteria, or starting a game of pick up soccer out on the lawn.

Even though we were actually on campus today paying fees and picking up my student card, it’s still hard to imagine actually being there, like really living there. University is all I’ve thought about all summer during all of those long, hot shifts at the diner and late nights staying up with my laptop. I’ve imagined a zillion different scenarios for that first day, and now that it’s finally here I don’t even know what to think. I keep ending up arguing with myself:

Me: I should wear a t shirt and shorts and be super chill and casual on the first day

Myself: Oh my god no people here are probably so trendy I don’t want to look like a loser I need to put an outfit together like stat. Crap my fedora is all crunched from my suitcase…

I: Who cares! Just wander around and go up and talk to people. You should try to be outgoing and meet a ton of people right away!

Me: Well I don’t want to try to hard…maybe I’ll just chill in my room or something, at least for the first night…

Myself: But then who am I going to eat with? If I don’t meet people I’ll have to go to the cafeteria by myself and sit alone…

I: See this is my point, we need to get out and meet people! Who knows? We might meet our future best friend or boyfriend on the first day.

Me: Crap that’s a lot of pressure for one day.

So yeah. Wish me luck. As you can see, the hype for this day has gotten a little ridiculous.


8 thoughts on “T-minus 24 hours

  1. This is my advice: Look like yourself. (Whatever you think that is.) People who can easily relate to you will be drawn to you based on how you’ve presented yourself, and it will be easier to make friends. Snarky people totally focused on fashion and trendiness will give you a wide birth and you won’t end up wasting those first few days when everyone is trying to figure out where they fit into things hanging out with people you don’t want to get to know too much anyway.

    The lovely thing about starting college as a first-year is that everyone else is in the same boat. No one knows much of anyone. Almost no one has any friends. Everyone needs to meet people. If you went to the same school system all your life (like I did), this hasn’t happened to you since preschool. There is a wonderful attitude of openness that nearly everyone has. The closest experience to it might be summer camp.

    You can save a lot of time by presenting yourself as honestly as possible in many situations. Jobs that you’d never be happy in anyway close their doors on you. People who are nasty and superficial and unpleasant to be around find you boring and go hang out with other people they have more in common with. And the things that will be rewarding and wonderful for you can tell you are a good fit immediately. It is really a win-win.

    • Wow, thanks. That really puts things in perspective. My dad has a similar theory-that if you show who you are and what you’re passionate about, opportunities to pursue that passion will present themselves.

  2. I so remember feeling all that. I remember being so scared to go in the cafeteria…all those faces and who to sit with! The great thing is that there are so many people in your shoes, eager to make friends! I had a few awkward days (and I came in 2nd semester, not 1st), but it was smooth sailing after that! You’ll love it! If you are open, people usually respond! Can’t wait to hear!

  3. Kay, College is a whole different world, you will adjust rapidly to it. I would suggest you study your ass off, because in 4 yrs you will be moving on the the next phase of your life. And it will build on what your doing now. So raise your hand, be a great student and have fun as well. There is a way to combine them, my daughter and her friends found away. — Take care, Bill

  4. Don’t mean to be a bastard but if you have a epic fail will you tell us about it? When something embarrassing happens to you, it makes for a hilarious post. #yolomofo

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