Shut up I can’t whistle, okay?

Some people have nominated me for blog awards, but as I’ve mentioned before, I suck at them and I always cheat. So thanks to Kat, Henry, and Catching Zee for the awards. Check  out their blogs if you get a chance.

Now for the cheating. They all gave me questions to answer, but I’m just going to pick my favourites, mkay? No? Oh well, too bad.

  1. Favorite late-night snack? Cereal. I’m not proud of how often I sit in bed with my laptop and a bowl of Just Right.
  2. What is your favorite scent? The smell of soccer-freshcut grass, bug spray, and a little bit of sweat
  3. Can you whistle? NO! Dammit thanks for bring up a sore spot. The fact that I can’t whistle is one of the great tragedies of my life.
  4. What book are you reading right now?  And what book would you love to tackle? I’m reading On the Front Line, which is the collected journalism of this incredible reporter, Marie Colvin. Not only does she have some amazing stories from a bunch of foreign countries, but her writing is absolutely breathtaking. I’m not really saying I want to follow her career arc, because she died in a bombing covering the uprisings in Syria last year. However, if I could write even half as well as her my life would be complete. Yeah, I’m a journalism nerd; what else is new. I’ve actually also been meaning to read Mein Kampf as weird as that sounds.  Like obviously Hitler was horrible, but I think that’s why it would be so fascinating to get inside his head.
  5. Do you think we need to do away with capitalism altogether or do you see an alternative or do you prefer to pretty much leave things as they are? Wow! Uh I think capitalism is the best way for developing countries to get out of poverty. However, I also think we should be able to do it in a way that protects human rights. The free market can be a really good thing for everyone if we put in a few rules to protect the people in it.
  6. Do you have a tattoo or would you consider getting one? Or is there something badass you’ve done that you’d like to share? It’s not really badass, but I just got my fifth ear piercing, kind of as a going-away-to-university present to myself. I have my earlobes done, plus two studs on my upper right ear, and now a hoop midway up my left one. I probably wouldn’t get a tattoo though. It would look good now, but I’ve seen enough old people with saggy tattoos to know that I don’t want that to be me in forty years.
  7. Your gut reaction: Which title do you prefer, “A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories” or “Alice in New York and Other Stories”? And why? A Night at the Sorrento sounds more mysterious and interesting.
  8. Are you an early bird or night owl? Both. I put that on my residence application for uni and I think that’s why they gave me a single actually. My roommate’s life would be hell because I don’t really sleep.
  9. What’s something you learned recently? “We’re not afraid of failure, we’re afraid of greatness.” It was in a graduation speech and it really hit me hard for some reason. More on that later.
  10. If you could live in another decade, when would it be? The roaring 20s for sure! Gatsby made it look like so much fun.

Now I’m supposed to nominate more people I guess. Again, I suck at this because I don’t read as many blogs as I ought to, but here are a couple teenage blogs that I absolutely adore:

Especially Average-Jess is way cooler than I was when I was 15

Teenage Enthusiasm-Morgan is so real, but she’s also so positive and fun!

The Thought Orchard-An absolutely incredible 11-year-old who is possibly too smart for her own good 🙂

11 thoughts on “Shut up I can’t whistle, okay?

  1. Someone I went to uni with tried to read Mein Kampf. She only got about quarter of the way through though – apparantly after that he starts repeating himself and going eound in circles, sounding more and more insane all the time.

  2. I can’t whistle either. Maddening, actually. I spent a few years on trying to figure it out. Never worked. Now it’s just part of a long list of things I can’t do. Right there with knitting.

  3. I LOVE the roaring 20’s. I went as a flapper last Halloween! And when are you going to write again about that inspiring graduation speech?

    • I’m definitely thinking of being a flapper for Halloween this year!
      The grad speech thing will be my next post. I might just copy a journal entry about it that I wrote at the time. Stay tuned.

  4. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  5. […] just done a reality check by looking at this post, looking away, and looking back to see if the words have changed. I do that regularly now because I […]

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