In which I massively overreact

Okay I’ve always heard that you should never google your symptoms when you’re sick, but I thought that rule was only for hypochondriacs.

My right ear got clogged with water when Lis and I were swimming in Idaho last week. I wasn’t too worried at first. I figured it would pop when I dried out in the sun. Then I assumed it would happen during the drive home. Then I thought maybe I just had to sleep on it. I even hoped that the loud music at the club last night would do it.

It didn’t happen and I was so frustrated. It didn’t hurt, but the pressure was so uncomfortable and I could barely hear when someone stood on my right side and talked to me. I tried cleaning it out with a Q-tip, plugging my nose and blowing out, chewing gum, yawning really big…nothing. The pressure bubble just kept getting worse. Then again, maybe it wasn’t getting worse, it was just making me go crazy to the point where it felt like it was getting worse.

Anyway, desperate times call for desperate measures. Or at least that’s what I told myself. I turned to the internet. This is what it told me:

-The plugging my nose and blowing tactic I had been using was probably going to inflame my ear and give me a massive infection

-For that matter, blowing too much could actually blow up my eardrums

-I probably have an ear infection that could make me deaf if I leave it for long

All I can say about this is never never never web MD your symptoms. I finally went to the doctor tonight and she just squirted some water in my ear. Turns out a ball of earwax was blocking my ear and some lake water got stuck. That’s it.


So anyway, good news, I’m not deaf or dead. Bad news, I may be a hypochondriac.

Does the fact that I just diagnosed myself as a hypochondriac make me an even bigger hypochondriac? That’s kind meta eh? Diagnostic-ception…or something.


9 thoughts on “In which I massively overreact

  1. I googled symptoms of a hypochondriac once. I couldn’t decide if I was one or not. I did google it the first place so…

  2. I feel you here. My close friends are all used to me calling them at midnight asking if they think I might have cancer… I don’t know how anyone deals with me.

  3. I think the rule of thumb is that when you start google your symptoms, you become a hypochondriac because it makes you think everything is wrong with you. But I totally don’t blame you for going to the doctor about your “ear infection.” I used to get ear infections from competitive swimming, and the last time I had the same symptoms, it turns out I just had an earwax blockage too. So you’re not crazy!

  4. oh my gosh. the tags. DMLL.

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