Things that I’m excited about right now

1) I got my residence info today and I GOT A SINGLE ROOM! You know what that means…hey mind out of the gutter! It means I can decorate however I want, walk around in my underwear, and Lyd can come crash on my floor when she visits from her school which is a two hour bus ride away. I’m so pumped! I’m decorating my room in my head as I write this.

2) This present from my soccer coach:

Photo on 2013-07-31 at 10.13 PM

It has our team name and my number on it. Our team has been together for four years now and we’re pretty much family. We just had our last game a couple days ago and it was super emotional. So I mean, this is just a keychain, but it represents such a huge part of my life that I’m moving on from. I’ve been in minor soccer for 13 years, practicing four or five times a week and now suddenly it’s over. I’m going to miss it; I’ll miss the jokes and the friendships and that feeling of togetherness and the rush of making a really good play together. I’ll always play soccer, but this is a token of a special time in my soccer career.

3) Hiking! Today Dee and I did Bourgeau Lake, which is 19km near Banff, Alberta. There’s actually three lakes and this breathtaking waterfall, and we ate lunch by this little babbling brook by the highest lake.

4) Colour Me Rad is Saturday! It’s a fun 5km run where they throw coloured corn starch at you as you run. Colour me EXCITED!

5) My new Birks, which Lyd brought me from Germany. You have not lived until you’ve been on a five hour hike and then took off your hiking shoes and put on the cushiony heaven that is the Birkenstock. Those Germans really know what’s important in life. Comfort and beer.

P. S. I’m on Twitter now! You can find me @kaysfairytale of course. I’d love to follow you all, so if you have Twitter leave me your Twitter handle in the comments.


12 thoughts on “Things that I’m excited about right now

  1. Haha, Birkenstocks! I haven’t been Germanified enough to buy a pair yet 😉 My boyfriend has had his for about 15 years though!

  2. Glad you are having fun!! I’m on Twitter too, penny_lyn.

  3. And I’m excited about you moving on with your life in your new town in your new single room (I can tell you from experience, they’re the bomb!) and sharing all of it (well, maybe not all of it) on this blog!

  4. Kay, You have every reason to be excited, and I am excited for you. Good luck at school. When my daughter started college, she shared the room with 2 other freshmen, they became friends for life. The college experience will be wonderful. Take care, Bill

  5. @itsjustjaco … BUT Won’t this blow the whole “anonymous” concept?

  6. Congrats on getting a single. My son is starting his senior year and the only time he’s had a room to himself was when his roommate got thrown out. Which reminds me, do not forget that in college you make or break yourself not in class, but between classes.

    Enough preaching, enjoy decorating your room!

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