Dear customer

Dear mean customer from today,

First of all, I just want you to know that I didn’t judge you today when you came in. Okay, maybe I did a little. Alright, I did a lot. But that was only because you had this awful scowl on your face. I mean, maybe you could have been pretty, but I had no way of knowing because that frown made you look so ugly.

But even though you had that ugly look on your face, I treated you like every other customer. I smiled at you when I took your order and I asked you how you were feeling in a manner that showed I actually cared. I got your order right even though you changed your mind like three times and you had like eight questions about the menu and you wanted that one dish, but with no tomatoes and no peppers and hash browns instead of pancakes and sauce on the side. I got it all right and I didn’t even sigh or roll my eyes when you ordered it.

And okay, your coffee was cold, but that’s because I grabbed the wrong pot, the one I had been meaning to throw out. And I forgot to bring you the cream right away because at the moment you asked for it, the other server decided to take his break and I had to take care of his tables as well, and then my manager needed change so I had to count out ten toonies from my tip drawer in exchange for a twenty from the cash, and then the order came up for the table next to you so I brought it to them, and then they needed HP sauce and tabasco and by the time I brought that back I had forgotten about the cream.

When you called me over and complained about it I understood why you were a little annoyed, but I was also shocked by your selfishness. It seemed as if you thought I made those mistakes just to ruin your day. Here’s the sad truth: it wasn’t about you at all. I forgot about you because I was busy and I had more important priorities. Maybe that’s why you were so offended; it was because I forgot about you. Maybe you complained loudly to my manager about what a terrible server I am because secretly you were worried that if you didn’t, no one would notice you at all and you would fade into the wallpaper and simply cease to exist. Maybe your life has gotten so pathetic that the only way you can find to feel heard is to go to restaurants and find something to complain about. At least at a restaurant the staff have to pretend to care because they want your money.

Anyway, I hope you got satisfaction out of making my day a little worse. As for me, I intend to forget about you as soon as I finish writing this, because unlike you, I understand my own self worth and I don’t need to hurt others to make myself feel like I matter.


Your devoted server Kay



16 thoughts on “Dear customer

  1. Sorry you had a rough day! I think we all get stuck inside of our own little bubble…like the world revolves around us, you know? I’m sure I’ve been both people in your story. But good for you for being kind and helpful anyway. Everyone has a story as to why they are bitter, sour people. Good for you for being the bigger person. 🙂

  2. God, I would love to be you…I mean with the attitude–not the thankless, frowny customers. I feel for servers very deeply. You have to deal not only with the public, which as we know comes in all varieties, but a public that is hungry and sometimes tired. In other words, at our worst.

    • Haha thanks Ashana. It’s true. People are generally more pleasant after the meal than before when they’re hungry. Afterwards at least they’re only tired, not hungry AND tired.

  3. Ugh. Lady, I have been there. I’m so sorry this happened to you and I am so grateful for your “I intend to forget about you as soon as I finish writing this, because unlike you, I understand my own self worth and I don’t need to hurt others to make myself feel like I matter” mindset. That is wonderful and not, at all, easy.

    I hope your weekend is all upupUP from here. 🙂

  4. I have nominated you for the beautiful blog award

  5. Hi I am Ever from
    I really like your blog! It would mean the world if you could come check out Maxxi Paige and I’s blog! Thanks 🙂

  6. WordPress recommended your blog to me.

    You have a great attitude! I’ve never worked as a waitress, but it always annoys me when other customers are rude to them. People make mistakes… get over it!

  7. Being a server is a hard job. I think everyone should have to do it so they understand.

  8. I just can’t stop laughing when I read your shit..

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