Why everyone should climb a mountain

Dee and I climbed a mountain yesterday.

Now if you don’t know much about mountains, you’re probably really impressed. Don’t be. It only took two hours to get up there, and there was no rock climbing or hanging from ropes. We walked up. And okay, it wasn’t exactly an easy walk. The angle was pretty brutal and my thighs and calves burned the whole way. It was totally worth it though. This was the view from the top:

Ha LingHa Ling 2





















As Dee and I sat at the top of this mountain with our feet dangling into nothingness, Dee had one question: “Why doesn’t everyone do this?”

She has a point. I mean, this mountain was like an hour’s drive from Calgary, and yet we ran into only maybe ten other people when we were up there. Why isn’t all of Calgary up those mountains all the time? This one was pretty steep, but there are other, easier ones for beginners or bigger, tougher ones for those who want to push themselves.

And trust me, there is no better feeling than when you push yourself to that summit and you’re breathing hard and then you get over the crest and the valleys spread out before you. You simultaneously feel huge and powerful and also so small. Your sweat becomes so worth it and you wonder why you don’t do it every day, why you don’t spend all your time here and buy a house next to a mountain because it feels so damn good and the air is so fresh and that mountain breeze is so crisp and pure.

If you ever get a chance to climb a mountain, do it. I promise, it isn’t something you’re regret.


8 thoughts on “Why everyone should climb a mountain

  1. Agreed! There is nothing like the view from the top!

  2. I really enjoy your writing style, it’s lovely. I look forward to reading more from you. xoxo

  3. Kay, the view is beyond words, but my fear of heights is even stronger, there is no way I could have ever gotten that picture, but thank you for taking it. — Bill

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