My city is underwater

I haven’t mentioned this before, but the city where I go to school is Calgary, Canada. And right now, Calgary looks like this:

Roads are closed. Exams are cancelled. 100 000 people have been evacuated and some of my friends have lost their homes completely.

We’re used to flooding here, especially at this time of year when the snow in the mountains melts and flows into our rivers. We put weeping tile and sump pumps in our basements, and we pile sandbags down streets. No one was prepared for this, though. How can you ever be prepared for a real natural disaster? Natural disaster. It still feels weird to call it that. Natural disasters happen to other people in other places, not here.

Our family is lucky. Most of downtown Calgary is underwater and the town of High River is unrecognizable, but we live on a hill in a town that didn’t get hit quite as hard as others.  We’re all affected in some way though. I know a lot of people who were evacuated, and every day at work I meet more customers who have lost their homes and don’t know what they’re going to do now, or where they’re going to live.

What’s really amazing is how quickly people have jumped up to help however they can. A lady came to my door today and said she was going door to door praying with people. And the city asked for 500 volunteers to help clean up the Stampede grounds in downtown Calgary and 7000 showed up. Everyone is donating food and clothing and toiletries to people who have lost their homes and are living in evacuation centres. There is even a place where you can donate your grad dress to the girls from High River who lost theirs in the flood and have nothing to wear to their grad next week.

It’s an awful situation, but everyone is pulling together to get these places back on their feet. People are being so caring and compassionate and hopeful and they have never for even one second given up, even in the face of so much destruction. I’m really proud to call this place home.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers with the people of Alberta right now. They could really use it.


12 thoughts on “My city is underwater

  1. With you, 100%. Glad my favorite blogger is still ok though. 🙂

  2. Stay safe, we are all thinking about you and sending our good thoughts your way…

  3. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of Fred Rogers, he hosted a children’s show called Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for a very long time. In any event, he was a brilliant and thoughtful man, and a story of his has always stuck out in my mind. Apparently when he was little he came across an article about some disaster or a horrible crime that had been committed, and it was really upsetting him. The advice his mother gave him was, no matter how hard a news story was to take, always look for the people who are helping. And it rings true. I myself find it painful to read about the hardship and loss others are facing, but in every news story there really is another story, one of people banding together to help and support each other, and it’s enough to keep one going. My thoughts are with you!

    • I was definitely a huge Mr. Rogers fan when I was little and I totally remember that story. Thanks for the reminder, that’s so true. There are so many people helping everywhere you look here.

  4. People are capable of anything under the right circumstances.
    Be well.

  5. Glad you’re okay. We’ve had a lot of flooding down here, too. We’re not directly effected, but it is so sad to see so many people displaced and losing so much.

  6. Kay, I used the “Like” button not because I like what is happening but to acknowledge it, and express my concern for you, your family, your friends, and anyone else that is suffering because of the flooding. Being niave as I sometimes am (even at 63), I was surprised hearing about the magitude of flooding in Calgary. Please take care, and be safe. — Bill

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