If my life were a bad rom com

Dad: So have you thought at all about what the first few weeks of university will be like?

Kay: …ARE YOU JOKING?? It’s been all I’ve been thinking about for the last six months or so!!

Dad: Oh, I had no idea…

Okay, so maybe I haven’t brought it up; I certainly haven’t on this blog. Let me just say it now then; I AM SO EXCITED FOR UNIVERSITY! I get to live in a whole new city, I get to meet a whole ton of new people, I get to choose all of my classes and pick things I actually like and I get to live in residence, which I’ve heard is kind of like summer camp, but better.

To say that it’s all I’ve been thinking about might be a bit of an exaggeration. I also sometimes think about eating, sleeping, and dressing, and every once in a while I manage to do my homework. However, my brain isn’t really here anymore, it’s already at university. I’ve just got to wait a couple more months for my body to follow.

The problem of course, is that although I’ve seen the campus, I don’t know what my classes are going to be like, or the people for that matter. Since I’m lacking sufficient data to make accurate predictions about what the first few weeks are going to be like, I’ve been forced to make it up.

My imagination is a really scary place; once it gets started it’s very hard to stop. When I’m looking forward to something, I tend to make up hundreds of possible scenarios, each playing out like a movie in my head and all with dramatic, rom-com-esque happy endings. This is the result of what I like to call my fairytale complex and it is the reason behind the name of this blog and my blog name if you were wondering.

Here is one of the more university scenarios I’ve dreamed up lately. Enjoy the ridiculousness and the delicious cheesiness.

Also, in this rom com you can imagine me played by Ellen Page (according to Becca, Ellen Page is my spirit animal)

Ellen Page

I show up to my dorm room and there’s a boy sitting there. A really hot boy. I look at my map and my res papers. This doesn’t seemed right. Wasn’t I supposed to be rooming with a girl? Did I get the room wrong or the building wrong? Nope. 

Zac efron

If the guy happened to look exactly like Zac Efron I would be okay with that

Kay: Uh, hi. Are you sure this is your room?

Hot guy: Are you sure this is your room?

So we go to the admin and find out that they got confused and thought I was a guy because of my name. However, all of the other res rooms are full so we have nowhere else to go.

Kay: I guess one of us should get an apartment.

HG: Yeah, one of us.

Kay: Dibs out.

HG: Hey! No, you should have to move out. I got here first.

Kay: Well, I mean, I lived with a brother for like fifteen years. It really wouldn’t be a big deal if we lived together. 

HG: Really? Are you sure?

Kay: Yeah, we just need some ground rules. Pants on at all times. 

HG: No spraying girly perfume in here .

Kay: No bringing girls back here.

HG: No bringing guys back here.

Kay: No hooking up with each other.

HG: Deal.

Kay: Deal.

So we spend a very strange year living together. At first it’s super awkward and there’s lots of embarrassing crap-I-almost-saw-you-naked or here’s-your-underwear-it-was-under-my-desk moments. We get better at it though, and we end up going to parties together and he helps me with my homework and I help him get home when he’s hammered and puking. 

But then I start dating a cute guy from my journalism class and he starts being weird and rude and distant and he won’t tell me why. I can’t figure out why he keeps telling me that the guy I’m dating is a douche bag. After a couple months we break up, and so I tell HG what happened. I thought he would be happy but he continues being weird and distant, so finally I confront him about it, and I start yelling about how I thought we were friends and friends don’t ice friends out. And then he says,

“I don’t want to just be friends.”

And then he kisses me super dramatically in a grassy field while the sunny is setting.


And then the credits start rolling.


4 thoughts on “If my life were a bad rom com

  1. Kay, Yes I get it, that is exactly why your blog is called “Kaysfairytale.” But having said that congrats on continuing your education, enjoy all the doors that will open there, but also find time to make it worth while, to get something from it, and that doesn’t necessarily mean the Dean’s List. Take care, Bill

  2. I’m not a rom com guy, but I’d see this twice.

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