This is the actual grad post

Graduating high school rocked. I fully recommend it if you get the chance.


-I got to be TALL! Being friends with freaking  basketball players is not always fun and my neck is pretty much permanently sore from looking up at most of my friends, but on grad day I wore four inch heels, which meant I got to look everyone in the eye!

-All of my favourite people were there, even my generally absent brother Pal, and my grandparents from Saskatchewan who I absolutely adore. Plus, at the banquet we sat with Lyd’s fam, and they got along famously with mine. I think talking to Lyd’s dad about hockey scores made my grandpa’s whole night.


When I'm wearing it I feel like a fairy or something.

When I’m wearing it I feel like a fairy or something.

-The after grad party and Andy’s house was the best party I’ve ever been to, seriously. All of my friends were there and everyone was up for anything. Highlights of the party include (I realize this just became a list within a list. LISTCEPTION!!):

-Jan had her very first shot and when I announced it to the twenty people in the hot tub they all started chanting her name, it was awesome

-We had this massive game of Bros Icing Bros, which is where you trying to trick your friends into finding Smirnoff Ices, and if they find it, they have to drink it. I tricked Drew into finding one in my back pocket, and Nob into offering to open one for Jan without realizing what it was. All the boys shook my hand and admitted that I was a worthy opponent.

-At like 2am Mat confided to me that he had a bottle of expensive champagne which was a gift from his parents. We ran outside and opened it and it sprayed everywhere, and then we stood there in the moonlight and toasted to our success in high school. Mat has been my partner in everything; we were yearbook editors together, editors of the school paper, MCs at the grad fashion show together, and partners in math and English always. That’s why that toast was really special

-Jen, Jo, Sar, Dee, Ber, and I stayed up all night talking and laughing and having pillow fights and taking selfies and confessing secrets. Then around 5am we went for a walk by the creek behind Andy’s house and watched the sun rise.

-Nob, Sar, Ber and I went to Tim Horton’s for coffee around 7, after pulling said all nighter. My hair was bride of Frankenstein-esque, and Nob wasn’t wearing shoes, and we couldn’t stop laughing.

I’m happy to be graduating, but I will be sad to leave these people. Grad was so cathartic for me; it was this strange mix of happy and sad. I will never forget it, that’s for sure.


6 thoughts on “This is the actual grad post

  1. I hope my graduation day will be as fabulous and unforgettable as yours 🙂

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous in that photo, young lady.

  3. Love the Bros Icing Bros. Totes gonna play it at my next party. I feel like it’ll be even better with 27 year olds who drink nothing but dark hopsies like Guinness ^.^

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