I remember when I cared about school. I used to dress up nice. I used to show up a little early to see my friends. I used to do my homework. I used to shower more than once a week.

It’s really hard to stay motivated when I have just over a month of high school left and only two actual classes. In fact, it’s really tempting to just give up going to school and just watch Netflix and sleep for the the next two months.

Here are my reasons for continuing to attend classes:

-I’ve been “sick” too many days this year alreadyI'm sick







-If I don’t pass English I actually won’t graduate

-I get to see my friends…who are just as depressed about being at school as I am

-I might meet a cute boy LOL JK

-When I stay home for two many days on end I start baking obsessively, and my dad’s cholesterol really can’t handle the fifteen cakes I might make

-I’ve already watched the first five seasons of Lost on Netflix but season six kind of sucks

(In case you were wondering, the last reason is the only one that’s motivating me go to school)


21 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Except for the homework part, you are all set for college. I don’t think I started bathing on a regular basis again until junior year. And when I graduated, I realized I had pyjamas, a pair of sweatpants, and 2 pairs o pants. (Plus assorted shirts.) Dressing nice? Not a priority.

  2. Laughing so hard right now. Photo is the funniest…

  3. More or less exactly how I feel. I think senior-itis must be a real disease because trying to make myself care about school causes me physical pain.

  4. This post motivates me to smile!

  5. You’re so ready for college. I lived on Netflix for four years. My roommates always wondered what magical powers I had that allowed me to pass ^.^

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