Why I love the point form blog post

And yes, I’m going to write this post in point form to prove my point.

-It’s faster to read. Because let’s face it, as much as you want to read 3000 words about your good blog friend’s cat, you also have about twenty or so other blogs you want to read and only so much time to do so.

-You have a lot of cat blogs to read (I dare you to prove me wrong on this one)

-It keeps writers from trying to hard to be poetic and add a lot of descriptive garbage to their posts. Let’s be real, we’ve all done it. I’ve written a few posts that now make me embarrassed to know me. I mean, “I don’t want to settle for a spark this time, I want fireworks?” What was I on when I wrote that? It definitely would not have been included in a point form post.

-You can include odd and humorous things on your list that would make no sense in paragraph form (See cat comment above)

So don’t diss the point form post. It still counts as writing, and frankly I’m about twenty times more likely to read a list post than I am a block of text. Can you really say differently?


6 thoughts on “Why I love the point form blog post

  1. This is very true. I also tend to keep my posts 500 words or less because I rarely read posts more than that, so why would I myself attempt to do any more? Blog posts are blog posts, not newspaper articles.

  2. Love your tags, funny as hell…

  3. – what
    – are you
    – saying?

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