The time I got hit on at 120km/h

This happened a year or two ago, but Giggs reminded me of it with her own hilarious hit-on incident at a gas station, which you can read here.

I drive home from school in the city on a pretty major highway, like the second biggest in the province. All of us commuters usually just hit cruise control and turn off our brains on the stretch between town and the city, so I did notice that it was a little weird when a little red Toyota started driving directly beside me in the next lane over. Whatever, I thought, this guy obviously doesn’t understand highway etiquette, but that’s okay, I’ll be the bigger person and slow down so that he’ll go ahead of me.

Except when I slowed down, he slowed down. And then when I sped up, he sped up. Finally I looked over at the driver, trying to figure out what kind of douchebag would be this annoying. It was a young Latino guy, maybe mid twenties, and he was waving the call me sign and pointing at me as obnoxiously and as possible.

Keep in mind, we’re still driving highway speeds while we’re doing this.
You know me, I usually find it flattering rather than creepy when guys hit on me, but this just struck me as so strange. I understand asking for a girl’s number at a bar, or the supermarket, or even on the street, but this just seemed not only strange, but also complicated and kind of dangerous.

I didn’t really know what to do because honestly I had never really had any reason to prepare myself for this situation. There wasn’t a lot of guy tips in driver’s ed for some reason.

I shook my head and tried to ignore him, but then I thought, what if he follows me home? Maybe he’ll get the message if I speed up, I decided. So I gunned it to 130. Not too fast, but fast enough to show that i don’t want to be near him. He immediately sped up alongside me.

Hmmm…I was beginning to realize that this guy wasn’t going to take no for an answer. This time I really put the pedal on the floor. At 160 my minivan started shaking in protest, but I didn’t let up. Neither did the red Toyota.

Okay, I decided, so he wants to make this a car chase. In retrospect it kind of concerns me how easily I took to what was quickly becoming a pretty insane situation. The turn off to town was coming up. Normally I would switch into the right lane pretty early to avoid the turn off crunch, but this time I stayed cruising in the middle lane. The red car stayed in the left lane, still right beside me. I didn’t dare look over at him at this point. I kept driving straight ahead until I was just about to miss the turn-off. Then I whipped the steering wheel around and swerved into the turning lane just as it separated from the main road. The red car couldn’t react quickly enough to follow me and just was forced to zoom away down the highway. I had lost him!

That was my first and probably last car chase. I wouldn’t really recommend it, but to be honest it also kind of made me feel like a badass.


4 thoughts on “The time I got hit on at 120km/h

  1. Oh, I am envious. You have the best story–just driving home!

  2. OMG!!! That story is scary and unbelievably amazing at the same time!! You = badass of’ sho’!!

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