I’m an adult now

Today is my eighteenth birthday, which means that I can now vote, call in my own absences to school (hello mental health days) and get a non-probationary driver’s licence.

Oh yeah, and also I can buy alcohol…

Naturally, in order to celebrate my maturity and the transition into adulthood, I decided that my friends and I should go laser tagging last night. It was awesome, and we kicked a bunch of twelve year old’s butts.

Then we went to Andi’s house for a victory party. This is why my friends are awesome. I told them that I didn’t want to throw a party or make a big deal about my birthday, and all I wanted to do was play laser tag. They ignored me. Dee made a giant cookie, Jace bought a  boatload of alcohol, Rhett invited all our friends from school over to his house, and everyone had gifts and cards for me. We played never have I ever and ping pong and danced like crazy and did bad Macklemore impressions and ran out in the snow in bare feet.  Then at midnight they had a count down to the exact moment I turned 18, and I had my first legal drink-a 50mL bottle of black cherry whiskey that tasted like cough medicine. Needless to say things got a little blurry after that.

It’s funny, because in thinking about turning eighteen I’ve been considering the future a lot-moving out and going to university and picking a career-but last night made me think about it in a different way, as a wake up call of sorts. As I sat there with my friends at a party that they threw for me, it made me realize how great everything is, right here, right now. University will happen soon enough, and a career, and I don’t know how that will go, but I don’t need to think about that right now. I want to enjoy my life right now, on March 22, 2013. I want to hang out with my awesome friends from Mustard High and watch The West Wing with my dad and go shopping with Lis and play soccer with my team.

So umm…yolo, I guess?


8 thoughts on “I’m an adult now

  1. That is wonderful to read. No one ever seems to want to be right where they are, right now. Everyone always seems to want to be somewhere else, some time else. And in the meantime now is lost. It’s refreshing to hear someone enjoying and appreciating the stage of life she is in.

    Happy birthday!

  2. First: happy belated birthday!
    Second: Drinking at 18?!
    ROCK ON! Lucky duck not having to wait until 21!
    Third: Dittoing Ashana, it’s wonderful that you appreciate what you’re doing with your life right now! (I mean, you DO have to much to enjoy you adventurous lady you!)
    Fourth: News of boy from several posts ago?? ^.^

    • Welcome to Canada, where we party hard 😉 It gets awkward because at grad about half of our high school grad class is legal haha.
      Thanks Giggs. See the next post for the boy update.

  3. Very funny again, could read your blog allday. Fun..
    Best part: “yolo, i guess.”

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