So I went to Kenya…Part deux

The first set of pictures was all from our first two weeks, working in the Dandora slum and living in the suburb of Ngong. These are from the vacation-y things we did: a three day safari, a two day stint at a resort in Mombassa, and a couple miscellaneous things.


This was the church our hosts took us to one Sunday. It seats over a thousand people and it’s all in this huge tent. Services are full of music and dancing, and can last more than three hours.


Me about to kiss a giraffe at the giraffe centre in the town of Karen, just outside Nairobi. Our hosts took us there as a treat after church.


We passed through the Great Rift Valley on the way to our safari. It just seems to go on and on forever.


Everyone laughed at me because I was really attached to these trees. We saw them everywhere during the safari and I think they’re so pretty.


Hello Mr. Lion! He didn’t seem very scary to be honest. He kind of acted like a cat napping in a sunbeam.


This crocodile on the other hand was terrifying. It had to be at least 25 feet long. There were also hippos drifting underwater in this river.


Getting up super early on day three of the safari was super worth it to see this sunrise. Anybody else thinking of the lion king right now?


Mombassa was just…the best place in the world. The water is sooo clear and warm, and the sand is soooo soft.


My dad loved sailing in Mombassa. On day two I joined him, and we had a really amazing time.


5 thoughts on “So I went to Kenya…Part deux

  1. Gorgeous pictures! Love the sunset, and those trees are beautiful. 🙂

  2. That water looks so amazing!! Greek water was clear, but SO cold, and stones rather than soft sand. Great pictures!

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