Where have you been, Kay?

I’m putting my standard angst warning on this post: I cannot be held responsible for how much teen angst is contained within the text below. As a teenager with scads of hormones flowing through my body, these sorts of posts just happen. Keep reading, if you dare.

This post is mostly just a right and proper answer to the question “Where have you been, Kay?” I am generally against posts like this, because personally when I read them on other blogs I tend to be like, stop writing about why you haven’t been writing and write something interesting already! However, people (okay, Jillian) did comment on my absence from WordPressland, so this will hopefully be a concise explanation  Besides, if you’ve read this far it means you skipped the angst warning, so pretty much you’re reading at your own peril.

The short answer to the “Where have you been?” question is that I have been repeatedly slamming my head into a desk over and over and over. And by that I mean that I am in grade 12 and completely in over my head with school and clubs and sports and applications and every time I think I’ve got my head above water again, one more thing lands on my plate. And in case I didn’t use enough cliches in that sentence, I’m also taking on water,  getting to the end of my rope, and taking one step forward and two steps back. I have both my knickers in a twist and my panties in a wad. I feel like going postal, or possibly just going bananas.
In September I thought it would be a good idea to load up my first semester with all of my hard courses. That way I would have time to relax in my last semester of high school and I wouldn’t miss much when I go away on a very exciting trip in February (more on that to come). I mean, it seemed like a good idea at the time. However, the more this semester drags on, the more I’m regretting that decision. Math AP is chewing me up and spitting me out, and Physics is plain old eating me alive. I mean, normally I’m pretty decent at both, but with a Bio quiz every other day and Social Studies essays to plan for on top of that, I don’t have time to even look at my homework for math and physics, much less study half as much as I normally would. And on top of that I’m trying to manage the yearbook committee  which is composed of about 80 kids who do virtually nothing without being spoon fed each task. Plus there’s my school soccer team which I’m supposed to be captaining, club soccer team which pretty much thinks that I don’t exist anymore because I’m never there, my new job which is nothing but boredom because my bosses don’t know how to properly advertise and therefore HAVE NO CUSTOMERS.

If you have never scraped ice off your windshield, consider yourself lucky. Also, I want your life. Source

And it’s snowing here. Mountains and mountains of snow that just keep coming, and it means the sky is permanently grey, and my windshield is permanently icy and I am permanently shivering. Lots of days sleeping is the best part of my day.

So the long answer to the question is that I want to blog, desperately and all the time, but I just can’t. I’m constantly writing posts in my head and I think I have a list as long as my arm of posts I want to write. However, the problem with WordPress is that I can’t just go on for a minute and jot down a quick post. I care so much about all of you people, and as soon as I log on there’s about twenty different blogs I just have to visit, updates I need to read, and comments I need to write. So you see, it is because I love blogging so much that I  don’t dare log on too much. As soon as I enter my username, any chance of getting physics done-or yearbook layouts edited, or any of a hundred other difficult and pain in the ass things-just goes out the window.

Okay, so that wasn’t very short or concise, but you get the picture. I will try to keep up with all of your lives, and I will try to keep posting, but the next couple months are going to get pretty rocky, what with January exams looming. It’s only been a few weeks, but I already miss this.

So I guess I’ll see you when I see you?

Okay, now quickly, go back and count all of the cliches used in this post. I’ve been holding back from writing for too long, so there’s…a lot. My english teacher would be horrified.


24 thoughts on “Where have you been, Kay?

  1. Hahaha. It happens with me a LOT. I had a 10 day break I guess and I’d have these ideas pop up to blog about and I’d just be like urghhh. I forgot a few and It was annoying, not being able to blog. If you log on? you enter a world that’s full of entertainment and that enthralls you and keeps you wanting more. So yea, it’s super tough to actually NOT want to stay on. Anyways, I hope you do well, cause Physics and Maths AP need time -.- and well, they’re pretty crazy even when you DO have time. Plus the cold makes you just want to get in bed and sleep, all day. Not the best time for productivity 😛 Welcome back Kay!

  2. Wow. You sound incredibly stressed and yet remain so amazingly articulate. I would say congratulations, but in my mind that’s a bit like saying “Good work on all that anxiety.” 😛

    Don’t worry about us- do what you have to do and get back to WP when you deal with what realy matters. 🙂

  3. Welcome back, if ever so briefly. I often start my posts in Word and paste them into WordPress later when I have time. I’m on the bus sometimes when I write and not logged into a server, so it’s a practical consideration for me, but it also saves the temptation of reading when what you really want to be doing is writing. Just a thought.

  4. All I gotta say is: Wow girl! YOU CAN DO IT! =) You’re a superstar! 🙂 It feels like so long ago that I had all the AP classes and extracurriculars going on – but I do remember how stressful it is to do Everything! But soon it’ll be christmas break – and then soon it’ll be your new, easier semester (and trust me, you’re going to be so glad you did the harder classes first! Senioritis is a real disease – a spreading, degenerative disease that there’s no cure for!)

  5. Don’t you worry Kay, we aren’t going anywhere. Well, at least I am not. I did notice your absence as well. I commend you on being strong willed and putting the important stuff first.

  6. November 9th, Kay. That’s all I have to say. November 9th.

  7. Hilarious! and being a teen myself I can totally relate! I have no clue why I took all three sciences…I was probably suicidal at that time -.-

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