The best excuse ever

So I was just about to pull out of my garage to go to work yesterday. I had the new Taylor Swift cd blasting, and two fuzzy-gloved hands on the wheel (While there have been no superstorms here, there’s still a mountain of snow).

Except I couldn’t pull out of my garage because of the firetruck.

It literally pulled up right behind my garage the moment I was going to pull out. And then two more regular trucks with emergency lights drove up behind it. Four firemen hopped out and started dragging the hose down the alleyway.

And okay, I have to admit that my first thought was not, oh no, is there a fire? Is everyone okay? It was more along the lines of, crap, now I’m going to be late for work.

Anyway, I climbed out of my car and went into the alley to see what was going on. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The firemen were spraying a parked truck which had big, bright flames leaping out of it.

Yeah. That happened.

Things got weirder when the police came by later. Turns out the truck was stolen. Someone had parked it there, set it on fire, and run away. I mean seriously? Did I mention that I live in a small town? Our idea of crime is J-walking. The only time the firemen use their firetrucks is during the annual parade.

This incident is one of many that I just kind of file under So Outrageous That I Couldn’t Have Made This Up. Well, at least I think my boss believed my excuse for being late. I really couldn’t have come up with this one.


11 thoughts on “The best excuse ever

  1. Ah, Kay you’re back! But if everything was popping up in flames – I can see what was keeping you πŸ˜‰ Also can understand why the fire brigade pulled up with 4 cars if normally all the get to deal with is J-walking ^.^

  2. At least the situation gave you priceless blog fodder…

  3. You took a picture, right?

    Who steals a fire truck? That’s awful.

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