I feel like the whole blog world absolutely looooooooves fall, but I kind of hate it. I guess that’s because I live in Canada and and so fall lasts about a month. The leaves don’t fall gently, over months, they kind of all fall in brown heaps over the course of about a week. And when the first or second week of October rolls around, it begins to snow. Hence my dislike.

But my seasonal hatred is not actually what I wanted to talk about. For me, there’s also a feeling that fall always brings on, and that feeling is nostalgia.  I don’t know what it is, maybe the smell of rotting leaves, the feeling of days getting shorter, or grain dust clouding up my windshield. Whatever it is, around this time, I seem to have these incredibly vivid flashbacks to autumns long past.

I can picture my first day of school, wearing my new pink butterfly backpack and struggling to keep up with my brother on the two block trek to our elementary. I can almost feel my raw excitement from that day. There’s flashes of other days too: raking leaves with my dad and putting them in those garbage bags that have jack-o-lantern faces on them for Halloween, wearing new back-to-school jeans, and baking desserts to bring to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving.

What does fall remind you of?

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! Here’s a nostalgic song to get you in the mood. It’s kind of the cutest thing ever.


11 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. I can totally relate to this 😀 Except it’s Christmas for me or that time of the year. December in particular. The whole Christmas spirit, the really short days, the glittery lights, decorated trees and I just go back in time to how I’d watch movies in bed- Jingle All The Way, Home Alone,The Santa Clause to name a few and just be this carefree child who wouldn’t be worried about a thing that was going around him. Plus my birthday comes in December too so that was always fun as well. Time flies by, doesn’t it? -.-

  2. This is totally unrelated to your post, mainly because you already read my post telling you what I am nostalgic about for Fall, but I like your little copyright statement down there. I don’t know if copyright statements should be cute, but yours is.

  3. Yes, we take our licks here in Canada, don’t we?
    Great post!

  4. What’s fall? Leaves change colors?! THEY FALL OFF TREES?! I’m stupefied… see, in California, it’s hot, and then it rains like 3 times during the “winter”. And all our trees are evergreens… so what is this “faaaaallllll” that’s spoken of??? 🙂

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