In which I am defeated by a piece of paper

1) Describe what you consider to be your most significant volunteer contribution to date in terms of its value to your school or larger community. Why was it important to you and others?

2) List five things that you’ve done which, taken together, tell us who you are.

3) Describe a time when you took initiative to address an unmet need at school or in the community. What was the need and what steps did you take? What were the results of your actions?

4) Please list up to three significant leadership roles where you’ve managed others. List how many people you directly managed.

I really did think that I was prepared to fill out scholarship applications. I have no free time ever I’m involved in the school community. I have sold my soul to soccer I play sports. My AP classes are murder I have good grades. I’m going to get an ulcer at age 20 I have a bright future ahead of me.

But even as the captain of the soccer team, editor of the yearbook, go-to person for the school paper, and senior member of the global aid group, this application is killing me. The prizes are big (80 grand big, and 2 or 3 grand if i even make runner up) and I’ve been told by the school counselor that I have a decent chance, but reading these questions, this just doesn’t feel like me.

What you have to understand about me is that I’m not the smiling, hip-hooray-let’s-volunteer-because-I-just-want-to-give-the-whole-world-a-hug type of person. I do a lot of stuff, yes. People in the school tend to know who I am, yes. I’m that nerdy girl who everyone gets sick of seeing on the daily announcement tv broadcast, yes. But I mostly do things that I want to do because they look fun, not things to help people and-how did the application phrase it? Ah yes-address an unmet need in the community. And I definitely don’t do the sunshiney thing. When discussing my editorship of the yearbook, the term Nazi has been thrown about. And it’s only September.

So happy September! And happy application season! And happy grade 12 to me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some major BSing to do on these apps.


14 thoughts on “In which I am defeated by a piece of paper

  1. Good luck! Scholarship applications are the worst! I’m filling out a stack myself at the moment and the questions are repetitive and banal and encourage applicants to have no personality besides the standard ‘I just want to save the world!’ which is a lovely sentiment… but that’s not me. BSing is a fine art, I just have to remind myself that the more applications I fill out the better my chances of getting some money/a grant/internship/scholarship….

  2. I don’t think you have to be sunshiny to win these things. They do know you’re a teenager and totally obsessed with yourself. They are just looking for people who can manage to participate in the world while being obsessed with yourself, because that bodes well for being an adult who participates when the self-obsession has died down a little. If you think about it, you may realize the things you do just because they are fun actually do “fill unmet needs in the community” or whatever. You don’t have to be a do-gooder to like doing things that really do help. For example, the fact that you’ve sold your soul to soccer and are the editor of the yearbook suggest that you are a team-player and also know how to lead and inspire others. It’s a matter of looking at these things you like to do and seeing what they might say about you to someone else. Anyway, good luck! I’m glad I will never need to do those kinds of applications again.

  3. Kay, you have met and are about the hurlle the 1st major step into adulthood, Seeing BS for what it is, and responding appropriately. The prize you chase it indeed worth the effort. Your answers will have meaning to the person reading them. One of the simpliest is can they follow instructions. Having read many of your blogs, this is a no brainer to you, and you will get thru the application process just fine. Take care and indeed enjoy the application season!! — Bill

  4. You made me laugh at the Nazi part 😀
    A friend of mine turned college application writing into a drinking game. Actually worked out pretty well for him. For everyone else, not so much.
    Good luck with you application writing! Ashanam is right, you may do all those things because they’re fun for you, but in the end you did help your community. Plus with all those things you do, you don’t need that much BSing. But just in case, be sure to load up on a lot of caffeine and sugar or your brain cells might explode like mine did

    • What would the rules be for this drinking game? Every time the word extracurricular comes up, you drink? Every time you write your name (on the one I’m doing right now, you have to write it on every page)?

  5. I think we would have been good friends had you gone to my high school. Everyone bullshits those things to a certain degree. Good luck!

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