Party time!

My dad was away on Thursday night, and we had Friday off school, so I decided to throw a party. Not a massive everyone-invite-your-friends-to-come-destroy-my-house party, because everyone who has ever watched an after school special knows that those ones always end with the parents coming home early or the cops coming, and some prized vase is smashed, and the teenager in question is grounded for the rest of her life (But it’s okay because the teenager learns her lesson and has some sort of long apology speech which redeems her).

So anyway, it was me and about fifteen of my friends. So much happened, but here is a general overview:

-I learned how to play flip cup, at which I was extremely bad. Eventually Lis started doing the actual cup flipping for me and I just drank for her. That’s best friends for you.

-Dee thought pina colada shots were a good idea. It was rum and a little bit of pina colada mix. Let me just say that it was not a good idea at all. Ditto with ice cream shots.

-We ran out into the field behind my house and collapsed in a giant heap of bodies and just talked. I don’t even remember what we talked about, but I just remember thinking, wow, I really love my friends (and no, the lack of memory was not because of drunkness, it was just because what we were talking about wasn’t as important as the simple act of talking).

-Andi spent a large amount of time leaned over the toilet in my bathroom. Let me just say that there is no bigger turn off than a guy puking his guts out in your house. This must have been how Andi felt about the whole armpit hair conversation. (Don’t worry, Andi was fine. We all took turns baby-sitting him and forcing fluids down his throat. If I learned anything from this it was that I really don’t ever want to get as drunk as Andi was)

-There was some hand-holding between Drew and I that neither of us has acknowledged since. Either he doesn’t remember, or like me, he’s not really sure how he feels about it.

There was more that happened, so much more, but that’s general taste. It was such a great night, and I think everyone except Andi had a really fantastic time. I’m not sure I’ll do it again though. First of all because even though a lot of people helped with the clean up, it still took forever. Also, scraping puke off your bathroom floor sucks. The other thing is that I just didn’t really like lying to my dad about it. Even though I kept it small, made sure no one drove drunk, and cleaned up after, I still feel a little bit of nagging guilt. My dad always brags about how he’s never had to worry about me being a difficult teenager, and I don’t feel totally right about violating his trust. I thought doing something so obviously bad would be thrilling, but although it was fun, I mostly just feel guilty. Clearly I have to much of a conscience to be a bad ass.


16 thoughts on “Party time!

  1. I never had parties – but I remember if I was late coming home, or going to a different friend’s house than I’d told my parents, I had the nagging guilt too. So you’re not alone in not being able to be a bad-ass 🙂

  2. I tried to be a bad ass once, didn’t work out very well. I just skipped school one day, except nothing important happened at school and my parents never found out. It’s only fun when somebody finds out about the crime!
    Along with ice cream shots, I would recommend staying away from frozen yogurt shots (that’s girls on a diet for you) and don’t ever decide to dip cookies in vodka instead of milk.

  3. Ahem…and why wasn’t I invited to this party? I am the Flip Cup Queen. Queen, I tell you!

    You had Friday off school? Lucky ducky. Our schools did, too, for Fair Day.

  4. You were responsible about it, so what he doesn’t know wont kill him. I should probably never have kids.

  5. congratss!! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, to accept it just click on this linkkk 😀
    tihihihihihi keep on rocking!

  6. Kay, I had a similar party a million years ago, only the results were different, the clean up wasn’t as good, and I left evidence of a party all over the house, and outside the house. The guilt you feel about not being honest with your Dad is great, and shows another sign of maturity. BTW I am not saying go fess up, Just remember this feeling the next time you consider a party. — Bill

    • From what I’ve read from you Bill, I’ll bet you threw a really awesome party! Actually, if there was a big mess, then it must have been awesome. I’d love to read a post about that sometime.
      Thanks for the advice, too.

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