How to make school less boring

This also might be useful if you work in an office, probably. I wouldn’t know.

1) Talk in funny accents. Accents make everything funnier, especially if they’re odd and non-specific. I personally lean more towards a French-Russian-Swedish hybrid, but I have a friend who does a hilarious Aussie, and another who does something that is vaguely German-Indian (I didn’t even know that was possible before I met him). Seriously, try this. Physics calculations have never been so entertaining.

2) Create your own jokes. This is actually quite difficult, and also fun. This started because one day Mat was trying to come up with horse jokes to tell Kat and it turned into a full blown project during math class. However, this also works if you are listening to a really boring lecture. For example, during a loooong trig class, Mat commented that, “this lesson is really going in circles.” To which I replied, “I really don’t know what Mr. P’s angle is.” Once you get started with the bad puns, you really can’t stop.

3) The good ole’ group doodle. Doodling by yourself is just sad and monotonous. However, doodling with a bunch of your classmates can be a riot. Maybe you start with a stick man in a hot air balloon. You pass it to your friend Nob and his fighter jet shoots a hole in the balloon. You think that the balloon is doomed, but it’s okay because Sar draws Santa in his sleigh flying to rescue the stick man from his plummeting aircraft. This can go on and on, really. And when you’re done, you can frame it and hang it up on your wall. Seriously, that’s art.

Those are most of my foolproof techniques. How do you slay the boredom beast?


13 thoughts on “How to make school less boring

  1. Haha! Group doodles are so much fun! By the end of it, we had the English and foreign language versions of the Bob the Builder theme song and the jingle to one of the diaper ads to accompany our doodles. Sadly, the teacher did not find the diaper jingle quite as funny and decided to actually call our parents and tell them “your ward has been singing nursery rhymes in class”. My mother tried very hard not to laugh

    • Ooo singing is also a fantastic boredom killer. My friend and I usually go more for songs from West Side Story, but hey, diaper jingles work too. Haha I think I would like your mom.

  2. I miss group doodles and playing M.A.S.H. :(. Although, when you get to the office scene, the boredom is usually defeated by elaborate pranks which are equally if not more entertaining.

    • Ooo I expect to hear about these pranks! I need ideas for grad pranks.

      • Some of the more extensive ones I have seen at my own office included hijacking peoples’ car keys while they are in the restroom and moving their cars to the field next door with a “For Sale” sign in the dash with the victim’s phone number underneath. Hilarity ensued. But, for a classic simple prank, you can always mess with peoples’ desks or computer desktop backgrounds. Happy pranking!

  3. My friends and I used to do the first one at school. It was always fun! And the third idea seems great too! The most we did was pass notes though, no doodles. =[

  4. Haha, I love talking with funny accents. I am terrible but it’s still very entertaining!

  5. I love the group doodle idea! I think I’ll use that 🙂

  6. Kay, very cute, but I am so far past school LOL LOL. The reality is we these same ways back when I was in school. And NO I am not saying when. Thanks, Bill

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