My life is not Nascar

I crashed my car rather fantastically last week. Don’t worry, everyone was fine, and the car wasn’t totalled or anything. The worst part was that my dad was on a plane when it happened, so I couldn’t call him and ask what to do.

I was so in over my head. The whole side panel of my bumper was hanging off and we were blocking a lane on a major road. I had to call the towing company, and they told me to call the insurance company, and the insurance company told me to call the police, and then when the tow truck came they said I had to call the insurance company back to find out to which shop my car had to be towed.

The good news is that my dad was really good about it, and so was the other driver. Plus, the insurance company declared the collision not my fault because I got hit in the back, even though it was kind of my fault because I slammed on the brakes at a yellow light when I probably should have gone through. Still, I was pretty shaken up. I declared that I was going to be a more careful, more defensive driver from now on. I was going to follow the speed limit religiously, and stay totally focused at all times while behind the wheel.

That lasted like two days.

This must be what adults talk about when they say teenagers think they’re invincible. I’d like to think that perhaps it’s just that we bounce back from setbacks more easily.  The way I see it, I drive into the city every day, so something like this was bound to happen at some point. I really am a good driver for the most part, except for perhaps my adherence to the speed limit, and apparently my yellow light reactions. So I’m not going to let this ruin driving for me. Watch out people, this crazy teenager is still on the road.


11 thoughts on “My life is not Nascar

  1. I think I will still be calling my Dad for car troubles when I am 45. It is just one of those things. Glad you’re okay as well!

  2. I definitely call my dad all the time! And don’t let adults fool you – they’re safe for all of two days too before they fall back into dangerous driving routines ^.^

    And the make you feel better: I had my first accident exactly 6 months after I got my license. Another accident exactly 1 month later. And have *knock on wood* been accident free for almost 8 years now! I’m sure you’ll be fine too 🙂

  3. You’re invincible enough for attempting to drive a car in the first place! Even though I do have a license, I don’t dare sit behind the wheel. You’d think since I nearly ran a person down DURING my driving lessons, they’d never give me one, but they did! I never drive though. Too scared.

    I’m glad you got out safely though!

  4. Kay, I had thought I commented on this when I originally saw it. It brought home many a call I got from my own daughter after some fender bender accidents (she had 4 or 5 in the 1st year she drove). She never made the claim of being a good, but like you she was out there the next day. Dad’s worry a lot, and we worry especially about our daughters. These kinda of calls scare the crap out of us for minutes. But like a couple of the other commentors, she still calls me when she has a fender bender, and thank all that is good, she hasn’t had one in a long long time. Take care and keep an eye out for the yellow light. But most of all stay safe. — Bill

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