I’m an 8 year old boy

I knew there was a reason I had never volunteered for my church day camp before. This week they had me at the craft station, and I was about to lose my mind trying to cater to the needs of children aged 3 to 11. That was, until I made some new friends.

My three new friends were boys who proudly told me that they are starting grade four next week.  Together we:

-Made paper airplanes. I was jealous because one of the boys made a really cool one, but he  taught me how to make it, which was super nice. Then we had a contest to see who could throw theirs the farthest.

-Made mini skateboard ramps out of playdough. Everyone agreed that my half pipe was the coolest.

-Made up cool dance moves, like the jelly fish (this is very difficult to explain without a demonstration)

I wasn’t doing any of this to humour those kids. This was literally one of the funnest weeks of the summer. Yes, I said funnest. More proof that even though I’m only months away from adulthood, I still have the maturity of an eight-year-old boy.


6 thoughts on “I’m an 8 year old boy

  1. That is so sweet! Eight year old boys are some of the funnest people in the world!

  2. Kay, I am decades beyond you, and I still have the maturity of an 8 year old. Great post – Bill

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