My dad is crazy (and cute cats)

My dad thinks that LOL cats is the best thing since jasmine tea (and he really likes jasmine tea). He took these pictures of our cats and put them on the fridge, then he wrote what he thought were clever LOL-worthy captions. It’s terrible. And hilarious.

This one says, “Stealth kitteh sez yu kant see meh.”

“Sink kitteh sez yu was kitting bout shot, rite?” (This was taken in the vet’s office)

These are on my fridge, where everyone can see them. Everyone. I can’t believe I’m related to this man.


10 thoughts on “My dad is crazy (and cute cats)

  1. You’re dad sounds AWESOME! My dad wouldn’t even know what LOL means.

  2. Hahaaa!! Your dad is hilarious! LOL cats are the best type of cats, of course. Better than nyan cats and ninja cats combined

  3. Kay, trust me, us dad’s can find all manner of ways to embarass our daughters. The photos and captions was rather mild LOL. — Bill

  4. The cat pictures are amazing! One of my cat always sleeps in the sink, it’s so funny!

  5. […] Pet: I have two cats who are both named after British monarchs. You can see some fantastic pictures of them here. […]

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