How do you write a resume?

My boss has been somewhat considerate by explaining to me that he has horrendously overstaffed the restaurant, and since I am the only part-timer, he has no choice but to cut my shifts. Completely. No offense meant to me or anything though, it was his mistake.

Kay: So basically, I still work here, I just don’t actually, like, work.

Bossman: Yeah, just for the next few months or so. Chantal said she was going to university in the fall, so I hired Barb’s cousin from the Philippines, but now Chantal’s not leaving until January, and you know I can’t cut shifts from the full-timers…blah blah blah no shifts for you Kay etc.

Long story short, I need a new job.

I dug up my resume from some obscure folder on my desktop, and am now pondering what is important for applying for another waitressing job, and what is probably unnecessary. For example:

-I am a certified baby-sitter. I have a certificate and everything

-Five years of paper-delivery experience (It’s not as easy as it looks when those cute little boys do it in movies)

-I won the school social studies award in sixth grade

-I bake really good cookies

-I once helped an old lady cross the street

-I once picked up a gum wrapper off the sidewalk and put it in the garbage. It was my gum wrapper, but still, that’s like volunteer work, right?

Needless to say, this resume thing is going to take a while. What is on your resume?


7 thoughts on “How do you write a resume?

  1. I think baking really good cookies might up your chances of being employed 😀
    I wrote that I make really good paper planes in my resume

  2. Certified baby-sitter you say? I am officially impressed, and actually I think that is more than applicable on a waitressing geared resume. Most of my patrons as a waitress may not have qualified as children, but they sure acted that way.

  3. My resume has 9 different jobs from the past 4 years – I look like the ultimate job-hopper, but if they just ASKED they’d find out that school just always ended! It wasn’t my choice! 🙂

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