Coincidences: Part 1

My dad sprung for a trip across the country last weekend, partially for a family vacation (Pal came, yay!), and partially so that I could tour my current university of choice.

From what I remember about the tour, it seemed great. There was some pretty buildings and nice green spaces and dorms and such. But I was rather distracted during this walk of the grounds. What, you might ask, could possibly distract someone as academically focused as Kay on a tour of her dream school?

What always distracts me: boys, of course.

The room in which we began our tour was dimly lit and quite cramped. Maybe it was the fact that the room was so under-air conditioned, or maybe it was the jet lag talking, but when the boy looked me straight in the eye from across the room and smiled, I swear I could feel genuine warmth radiating from his person.

In retrospect, I realize that he was probably smiling at me because the journalism brochure in my hand matched the one in his own. However, that didn’t stop me from turning all blushing-schoolgirl. As the tour continued, I found myself smiling back at him through the throng of oggling students and their families. When he held a door for me, I got up the nerve to talk to him.

He was from a small town on the prairies much like mine, he told me. (In my head I calculated the distance…maybe seven hundred kilometres away? A thousand?) He was thinking about maybe broadcast journalism, but he wasn’t sure yet.

At this point I should maybe explain why my legs were like jello. This boy was gorgeous, like ripped-from-Seventeen-magazine’s-hot-guys-issue gorgeous. Hair just a little mussed, long, dark eyelashes, and these intense eyebrows. And I’m pretty much always a sucker for a muscular guy in a v-neck t-shirt.

However, the tour ended, and though Pal complained later that it was quite a long tour, I maintain that it ended much too soon. When the boy flashed me another one of those radiating smiles in farewell, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never see this beautiful boy again.

I was wrong.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Coincidences: Part 1

  1. I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that I cheered when you said ‘I was wrong’!

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