This is one of those posts about boys

Everybody asks me why I dumped Patt (No, not RPattz. I only wish I was Kristen Stewart). I never know what to say when people ask.

What I end up saying is that I just didn’t want to hang out with him anymore. But then I realize that that sounds awful. It’s not that I didn’t like hanging out with him, I did and do. He was and still is a great guy. I just wanted more than that. I keep waiting for someone with whom I want to spend all my time. I want it to border on obsession, so much so that it freaks my friends out and they have to have an intervention and they make one of those big INTERVENTION banners and hang it in my living room…

…okay, so I’ve clearly thought a lot about this.

Anyway, Patt took it okay. He wrote a few angsty tweets and then got on with his life.  And I?  I have no idea where to go from here. I’m just so done with flirting and awkward dates and mixed signals. I just want to meet a guy and just know it’s right, you know?

P.S. If you are all like, “Who’s Patt?” you can always check out the handy dandy characters tab. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “This is one of those posts about boys

  1. Sounds a lot like many of my early dating experiences. I knew it was time to break up when I would get something I deemed the “sick” feeling, like when you eat too much of one thing. Sure, I like grilled cheese, but if I have to eat it and nothing else for a week, chances are I’d eventually start starving myself. Enough of that analogy. Point is, keep holding out for the box of lucky charms that’s nothin’ but marshmellows. Now that’s a meal I’d never get sick of.

    • I like this analogy because:
      1) It’s accurate. I totally know what you mean by that “sick” feeling. But more importantly,
      2) It’s a food metaphor. Delicious.
      Thanks for the advice Becca!

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