In which I enter a cult

I’m finally back from vacation, in which, among other things, I visited a surf town that I only just managed to leave.

No, seriously, it’s a miracle I made it home to type this right now.

Tofino, BC is a five hour drive away from any other form of civilization. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, with the sandy beaches and the kitchy mom-and-pop stores and the forest of little islands that dot the coastline.  It’s only natural that I fell in love with it.

After my first surf lesson, I started toying with the idea of spending a summer or two there between college semesters. I could waitress and surf on my days off and still save up money for school.  I could have another poor surfer roommate and we could have a grand time. But just for the summer, of course.

After my second surf lesson I decided I wanted to move to Tofino forever. Possibly finishing my high school diploma first, but then again, maybe not. After all, if I became a surf instructor I wouldn’t exactly need a university degree.

Now that I’m back I can think more logically about it. I had an amazing time in Tofino, but I’m no surfer chick. I need more to my life than that. At the time though…oh man, it was so tempting to stay! Everyone I met there just seemed to be living such a simple, happy, fulfilling life. The waitresses, the instructors, the store owners-they all told the same story. They only meant to spend a few weeks in Tofino; they planned for maybe a summer at most. But weeks turned to months, and months turned to years, and they just never left. It’s like the Twilight Zone/Neverland/Lotus Island of the pacific northwest.

Luckily, I survived, and am back to experience more boy problems

The life of a surfer is just so…relaxed…

and vampire attacks for your entertainment. But part of me is still fantasizing about what my life would but like in the surfer cult-I mean culture-of Vancouver Island.


6 thoughts on “In which I enter a cult

  1. I know exactly what you mean! I plan out my life in beautiful places I visit all the time…if only =) Great post, and a great picture!

  2. Sounds beautiful! I would love to stay somewhere like that. Nothing to worry about. Just the water and visiting mom-and-pop stores.

  3. So you actually did go surfing! Fantastic!

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