How to defeat summer vacation boredom

As this is my last summer before I am officially an adult and am expected to do adulty things in the summer-like work at a crappy job for eight hours a day and then spend the remaining hours complaining about said job-I decided that I ought to make this the best summer ever and enjoy every minute of it.

That lasted about a week before I got bored.

My boredom is reaching the critical breaking point. I have watched every chick flick on Netflix and have now been forced to move on to Bruce Willis movies and documentaries about puppets. This morning i slept in until noon simply for something to do.

I realize that I have to break my cycle. I have to do exciting things to keep myself from going crazy. Here is what I have brainstormed so far:

-Organize a mass water fight

-Walk around down town giving out free helium balloons (I saw this in a music video once, it was so cool)

-Fly a kite

-Learn to do a card trick

-Play watermelon polo in a pool (If you have not played this before, you must try it. Watermelons float in water, so you divide into two teams and try to get your watermelon to the other team’s side. It’s full contact, obviously)

-Go skinny dipping (This is one of the items on my 20 before 20 list that I’m a tad nervous about)

-Make a fantastic sand castle (Like with a moat and many turrets and flags and things. You can’t half-ass a sand castle)

-Read A Clockwork Orange (I’m preparing my mind to be BLOWN)

-Play a pickup game of something with total strangers (Preferably soccer, but I won’t say no to ultimate frisbee, or like, checkers. Anything but volleyball)

-Make up a silly song and post it on Youtube

I will report back to you all when/if I achieve these goals. Any other ideas for summer entertainment?


2 thoughts on “How to defeat summer vacation boredom

  1. I love the water fight and watermelon polo ideas! Can you tell it’s really hot here and I just wanna be in the water? Dammit, I shoulda been a lifeguard.

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