So, I bought a prom dress.

Actually, in Canadaland, we call it “grad”, but I digress.

When I told my friends I bought this, they kind of tilted their heads, a few snickered, and Al, the most straight-forward of the lot, asked the obvious question:

“Why the hell did you buy a grad dress? We don’t graduate for another year and a half!”

And of course, Lyd felt obligated to mention:

“What if you get fat and you don’t fit it next year?”

Okay, so they’re probably right to think I’m crazy. But this dress-I can feel the drool dripping down my chin just thinking about it-this dress is my fairytale dress. I can see myself gliding down a staircase in it, turning heads in the crowd, and dominating the dance floor. I never really saw myself in a short dress, and I really had ruled out white, but there is something so right about this one. It’s like Mr. Max Azria was thinking of me personally when he sewed it.

Plus, it was on sale. (pictures to come!)

So hooray for the class of 2013! And hooray for my fairytale dress for my fairytale grad with my fairytale boyfriend!

What’s that? Yes, I said boyfriend. More to come on that.


2 thoughts on “So, I bought a prom dress.

  1. Can’t wait to read about the boyfriend and see the dress!

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