Me being childish and stuff.

School is in again and I am…feeling like having a temper tantrum like a five year old.  The thing is, I don’t have any reason to complain. I like my classes and my teachers and I have lots of friends to hang out with.  What’s bugging me is that, well, everything isn’t exactly the same as last year.

I loved last year.  I had friends in all my classes. We had inside jokes and a table in the cafeteria where we met everyday.  School was a safe place; it was happy and easy.  Why did the year have to end? Why did everything have to go and change?

I have journalism class again this year,  but our old journalism crew is split up.  Some have graduated, and others have the course in a different semester.  On top of it, now all of a sudden I’m one of the older kids in the class and I’m expected to be some kind of leader for the new grade tens.  I don’t even know how to begin to help them. I’m hardly an expert! I want to go back to being one the young kids, goofing off with my friends and being bossed around by the grade elevens and twelves. 

There’s so many other changes:

-Admin switched me to a different homeroom, so everyone in my new homeroom pretty much thinks I’m an alien that just landed.

-My soccer class got cancelled because they didn’t have enough students enrolled.

-Because soccer class got cancelled, I have no classes with my closest friend at Mustard High, Lyd

-The only person I know in Physics and Social Studies is Zin, who I’ve never been super close with

All of this together makes me want to roll around on the ground pounding my fists, like I did when I was six and my mom wouldn’t buy me a cookie from the bakery at the grocery store.  Instead, I have to act like an almost-grown-up and try to focus on the highlights of the new year.  At least my new locker is right next to Lyd. At least Sar is in my journalism class.  At least my English class is full of friends, even if my other classes aren’t.  At least I still have club soccer even if school soccer is a bust.

Sigh. I guess I’m a little scared more than anything. I’m scared of change.  When things finally start to go right, your instict is to make them stay that way forever.  I don’t know what this year is going to be like, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be like last year. That’s a scary thought.


2 thoughts on “Me being childish and stuff.

  1. Sorry to hear about the soccer class. =(

    As for the other stuff, change can be good. Hang in there and like you said, stay focused on the positive!

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