Aloney on my owney

I have this theory that teenagers are scared to be alone. We have this primal need to be surrounded by friends at all times.  Alone time? Forget it.

Let’s take today as an example.  I had a nice, relaxing, productive vacation day. Today I:

-Did some laundry

-Uploaded some vacation photos

-Made french toast (and ate it too.)

-Went for a (very short) run

-Caught up on Jersey Shore

-Hung up the poster that Lis and I made for the Taylor Swift concert.  It took about 6 jars of glitter. It’s pretty much a work of art.

-Took my cat for a walk (cat walking is not the same as dog walking. When you take a dog for a walk, you go somewhere. When you take a cat for a walk, the cat alternates between sniffing things, trying to catch bugs, and rolling around on the sidewalk. You’re lucky if you actually “walk” 30 feet.)

-Read half of Fahrenheit 451 (It’s awesome, I totally recommend it. My favorite line: “The good writers touch life often. The mediocre ones run a quick hand over her. The bad ones rape her and leave her for the flies”)

Successful day? I’d say so.  But all day I had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind.  ‘Don’t you have anything better to do on a beautiful summer day?’ it said. Don’t you have friends to hang out with?  There’s a million places you could go right now, a million things you could be doing before the summer ends!  Before you know it, school will start again, and then you’ll be too busy to have any social life! Only losers hang out at home by themselves during holidays…

My subconscious has been rather rude to me of late.

 I’ve decided to ignore my nagging doubts. I’m having a good day. Maybe next I’ll eat some ice cream. Or blast Foster the People on the stereo and dance like a crazy person.  Summer is full of so many possibilities!

I guess part of being a teenager is having a busy social life. But mostly, being a teen is about doing what you want.  And right now, I’m craving two scoops of mint chocolate chip.


6 thoughts on “Aloney on my owney

  1. Ignore your subconscious! What has your subconscious done for you lately?

  2. That quote from Fahrenheit 451 seriously made me laugh out loud. The sad part is that it’s true…

  3. teenstalk2teens

    i’m in a speech & debate club, and my friend competed with something she wrote herself about how people in general feel like they need to be surrounded by friends and people constantly. basically it was saying how it’s important and necessary to have alone time…it’s good for you! i loved it cause i actually love lazy days when i’m alone, doing chores, eating, maybe working out…and yes, blogging.

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