I can’t figure out boys.

Kay is back! And I’ve got more drama than ever…

I seem to have a lot of questions about boys and not a lot of answers.

Question #1: What’s with the mixed signals?

So there’s this guy. Let’s call him Nob.  And I really like him, and not the way I usually like guys, which is all heartbeating and blushing and freaking out. Well, there’s a little blushing.  But the thing is that I mostly just like talking to him. It’s different, the way that I feel. It’s like I just want to be around him as much as humanly possible. He talks about interesting things, not shallow high school things, and he always surprises me and even matches me blow for blow in battles of the wits.  But I can’t figure out how I can get him to really open up and have conversations like that with me all the time.  Most of the time he says almost nothing at all when I say hi, or something sarcastic and dettering. But sometimes I swear I see his face light up when our eyes meet, the way I’m sure mine does.  But that could just be me seeing what I want to see.

What does that mean? How can you tell what is going on in that boy brain of his? And most importantly, what do I do?

Question #2 Why me?

So I have this friend.  We became friends because he was dating my friend, but then they broke up…and now he’s been hanging around me all the time.  He’s fun, except for the small fact that he’s a bit of a stoner, but the stoners at my school are usually nice and harmless and can make for fairly solid friends.  So this guy Ber and I would hang out sometimes at lunch and talk and joke and whatever. No big deal.  Until today.

Ber showed up at my locker after lunch, sweating, with his pupils the size of pancakes. 

Ber (grinning ridiculously): Hiiiiiiii

Kay: You’re baked.

Ber: Hiii

Kay: Bye

So I was slightly annoyed. Why would he wait outside me locker when he smelled aweful and could barely form words? I had always made it clear I wasn’t into that.  In fact, I had always made it clear that I wasn’t the same kind of person as he was at all.

And then I got this very drunk text about an hour ago:

Ber: When I get up the nerves Imma gonna kiss you\

Excuse me? Did I send mixed signals? I had always thought I was pretty clear. And now I have no idea what to say tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “I can’t figure out boys.

  1. Awk-ward. Hopefully Ber will forget he did that.

    I’m confused about Nob. When doesn’t he say hi back when you say hello? That’s rude. I need more details!

  2. I got an apology text the next morning. But the next time I saw him was awwwkward!

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