Ingredients for the perfect Sweet Sixteen

Here’s the recipe so far:

14 Friends

A heaping spoonful of over-the-top decorations

1 Cup of formal wear

2 Limos

A dash of spin the bottle…

It’s five days away and counting. I wouldn’t call it the biggest day of my short life, thus far, but it’s up there. I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley celebrate their Sweet Sixteens in style, and I’ll be damned if I don’t get my time in the spotlight.  I also hear that there’s a Facebook message going around brainstorming ideas for my gifts…I’m expecting some interesting things to come of that…

I have to ask though: is all of this kind of shallow?  It does seem to feel like it when I write it all out like this. But when you’re in high school it feels like you’re just another person in the crowd sometimes.  I just want to have one day where everybody dresses up and makes everything all about me.  Is that wrong?


3 thoughts on “Ingredients for the perfect Sweet Sixteen

  1. Nope! Not shallow. A girl’s sweet sixteen is one of the big ones. For my 16th birthday, I ended up just throwing a huge birthday party. Fun!

  2. You’re definitely not being shallow. You only turn sixteen once, so enjoy your special day! This is the one day out of the entire year that YOU get to be in charge. Happy birthday 🙂

  3. Thanks, both of you! It was a really great party.

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