Why I need my driver’s license (right NOW!)

There’s just over a month until I can take my driver’s test, but I absolutely can’t wait that long! I am literally counting the days.  I couldn’t care less about presents or cake for my sixteenth birthday. I don’t even want my own car! I just want to be able to hop in my parents’ crappy mini van whenever I want and drive myself where I want to go.

Why the sudden need for wheels? I’ll explain.

1) I need to drive to school myself. There’s no bus to my school in the city, so it’s my parents, grandparents, and random family friends driving me. It sucks. A lot. I can only spend so long in cars with adults asking me how school was before my mind will turn to butterscotch pudding.

2) I need to not screw up my friendships in town.  I keep having weird dreams that involve Lis and La and the gang forgetting who I am and telling me to go away when I try to talk to them. Of course, I also have dreams about playing soccer in a pool of jello, so this may or may not be realistic. But it will certainly make it easier to keep in touch if I can drive to their school to meet them, or pick them up to go out somewhere.

3) I want to meet up with new friends. This means new friends at Mustard High, who are a long drive from my house, and new friends at Comprehensive, who I have oddly become closer with now that we no longer go to school together.  I have a standing offer for a Starbucks run from Mar (who I knew in my Ash days, but am only starting to really know now, and mostly over text), and then there’s Ris, who has been sending me more and more flirty messages on Facebook lately. I kind of want to see where that goes…

4) I really need to go shopping! I know, it’s kind of pathetic. But  when you get a ride from parents to the mall then they want to go shopping with you, and pick things out for you, and make you buy hideous things you don’t want. And they certainly won’t take me downtown in the city to shop. It’s the mall or nothing. Ugh. No father, I don’t want another logo t-shirt and a hoodie. I want a vintage dress and a one of a kind necklace from some little boutique.

So those are the big reasons. Although I’m sure I could come up with a ton more if pressed. spontanous latte runs come to mind. And roadtrips. Latte roadtrips. A roadtrip on the quest for the perfect latte.

Okay, this post is so over now.


2 thoughts on “Why I need my driver’s license (right NOW!)

  1. Ahhhh driver’s licenses. Seriously, once you get it, you will NEVER look back. Driving gives you freedom you never even dreamed of. It definitely brings you closer to your friends because you can make latte runs on a whim and use them time to catch up. It’s so much easier not having to go through your parents to get a ride. I guess the only downfall is playing chauffeur to all your friends who don’t have cars or licenses.

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