Reality check

Originally this blog was supposed to be a distraction from real life, a getaway of sorts. I had planned to make it very Gossip Girl-esque with lots of he said she said, make ups and break ups, etc.  I figured I could take my boring life and make it into my own fairytale.

But more and more, I realized that my heart really wasn’t in it. The truth is, I don’t really care about those things.  And really, that’s not the kind of story that turns into the fairytale I was looking for. So I was already doubting the concept that I had built this blog on when someone opened my eyes the other day to something I had never realized before.

Maybe my life is a great story just the way it is. And maybe people would like to hear that one more than the silly high school drama that I’ve put all my focus on.  Maybe people would like to hear about the real things that I go through, everything from hang nails to soccer games to cancer treatments.

It’s worth a try.  If think this sounds at all interesting, please keep checking up on my blog in the next few weeks. I hope to have a whole set of new, real, honest posts up. And maybe, just maybe those posts could become the beginning of my story. Kay’s fairytale.


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