Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms

People from town: Kay, ditch Mustard High and come to the Comp! We miss you! I know we never really hung out when you went to school with us, but now that you are going to school in the city and totally unavailable all the time, you’re so much cooler and more interesting!

Mustard High people: You’re really cool and everything, but where the heck did you come from? I mean, you know like nobody! We could totally be friends and all, but I’m too busy hanging out with all my friends from junior high. Too bad you don’t know them.

Soccer friends: *total and complete awesomeness*

Clearly you can see  with whom I’d like to spend the most time with. If only I could just hang out with my soccer team 24/7 everything would be great. The best week of my whole life was this summer when I was at a weeklong international tournament with my team and I stayed in a dorm with them for seven days straight. If you can make it through that, you’re friends for life.

But anyway, I still have to go to school five days a week, which is great, don’t get me wrong. it’s just that I really don’t have any close friends there, so I’m constantly either alone or with people who don’t know me very well and don’t always get my weirdness. (Like the time I spent the whole lunch hour looking at the grad ring catologue even though I’m years away from graduating. I just thought they were pretty, okay?).

And when it comes to town people, Lis and i are closer than ever, but everyone else is just being stupid.  All the guys are being really complicated (Apparently going to a different school makes me all of a sudden attractive.  It makes me mad that they never liked me in junior high, but now they act all into me. Not cool at all.)  And all the girls are creating a bunch of silly drama between eachother (Last I heard La and Nee were mad at Lis and Jay about something that happened on Halloween???) I don’t know any details, nor do I particularly care. Did I used to be like that?

I think I’m happier than I was this time last year, when I had far too much small town drama in my life, and not enough soccer or writing. But at the same time, my life is three times more complicated. I can’t win, can I?


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