Accidental Befriending

I know I owe a Zee update, and a Halloween update, but I really don’t want to think about either right now, so here’s a completely unrelated rant.

Anyway, I have this weird thing where I befriend people that nobody else can manage to be friends with.  These usually fall into two categories:

1) Charasmatic people-ie Ash, La, Ris, Jay (yes, Jay and I were actually close once upon a time)

The funny thing about really popular people is that they usually have no really close friends, just a whole lot of casual ones who thinks the sun rises and sets around them.  But for some reason, I always end up close to people like this. Maybe it’s because I don’t buy the “I’m perfect and happy all the time” facade.  I know that people are only people. And I think that creates a bond or something.

And then there’s

2) Intimidating/Scary people-ie Lis (who had mastered the backhanded comment before anyone understood what that meant and had her death glare down to a science before she could talk), Jar (who is just soooo full of himself that it freaks people out) and now Brii, who is in my soccer class at school and has the deadliest slide tackle I’ve ever seen. I think even the senior guys in our class are scared to challenge her for a ball because they’re afraid of what she’d to to him. She’s moody, rude and judgemental. And she has decided that she and I are best friends.

I don’t really know how this happens! Maybe because I have a nice, non-threatening appearance, but I’m also tough and don’t back down like most people do. I can’t be sure, but anyway, the upshot is that Brii thinks were besties now. Which is cool with me I guess. I like her because she says whatever she thinks and she is a really tough opponent.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


One thought on “Accidental Befriending

  1. I feel like we are like the same person.

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