Pity party

Had to show up to Jay’s post-break-up pity party in spite of the fact that Jay and I haven’t really been friends since fourth grade.  Just goes to show how fake teenage girls are. So we all showed up with chick flicks and comfort food, expecting and tearful, possibly hysterical Jay. Instead, we found her bouncy and energetic, showing us all of the hot guys she’s friended on Facebook and constantly pausing to send a flirty text to a grade twelve linebacker that she had just met apparently. 

Shameless, really.

Especially considering Zee is probably at home crying and going through pictures of the two of them, trying to drown his sorrows in video games and Dr. Pepper.  I shouldn’t be surprised really. Jane acted like this even when they were dating. But somehow I thought that maybe she would have it in her to care, at least a little. But as far as know, she hasn’t shed a single tear for Zee. She never even mentioned his name the entire night. 

And I haven’t heard a word from Zee either. Am I surprised? I don’t know. I knew he wasn’t going to get over the year long relationship over the course of a weekend. But I thought maybe he would want to talk or something.  Has he thought about me at all?

My mind is made up. I’m going to go visit him tomorrow.  As long as I can get up the nerve.


2 thoughts on “Pity party

  1. “Shameless, really.” best part, laughed so hard

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