Me, myself, and 96 individually wrapped chocolate bars

I thought that going to one school and having friends at the one in town would mean that I would have twice as many friends. But now it looks like I have a grand total of zero friends.

I haven’t seen Zee for two weeks, Lis is mad because I told her that I’m too old for trick or treating, and La is AWOL, no texts back, no Facebook replies, nothing.  Ris’s friend Gra is allegedly throwing a party, but nobody thought to invite me, in spite of the fact that Ris had been messaging me all the time in the last couple weeks.  I’d party crash, but it looks like I’d have to do it solo, which would be as bad as not going.

As for friends at Mustard High, we’re still in the talking-in-the-hallways-hanging-out-at-lunch-but-not-making-after-school-plans stage.  It’s frusterating. I grew up in schools where I had known everyone practically since kindergarten.  It’s not that I’m not making friends at Mustard, but you can ‘t make up for years of history over the course of a month of friendship. 

So now I have no plans for Halloween weekend at either school.  It’s looking like I’m going to be eating my feelings and going to bed before the toddlers in bumble bee costumes on the 31st.


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