Best bros for never…

Now I remember why I don’t like having guys as friends. The problem is this whole boy/girl tension thing. And…you know…flirting.

So I may have given my dear friend Jar the wrong idea today. Well no, I definitely did.  I was just trying to do what I said I was going to do, which is make more guy friends, and be closer with the ones I have. But  I forgot about the fact that you really shouldn’t flirt with potential guy best friends. Whoopsies.

So I may have invited him over to my house. And we may have had a pillow fight. And then I may have watched the sunset with him and laid down on his chest while we looked at stars. So maybe he got flirting out of that. But I swear, it wasn’t on purpose. I’m really not interested in Jar that way. I just think he’s really fun and he likes driving fast and talking about everything and anything, and I thought we could be really good friends.

Anyway, regardless of how it happened, this is the conversation that ensued:

Jar(with my head on his chest): “So have you ever kissed a boy?”

Kay: (???!!!!!!???) “Excuse me?”

Jar: “Come on, tell me!”

Kay: (If a peck on the lips from my 6th grade boyfriend counts) “Yes.”

Jar: “Who???”

Kay: “Not telling.”

Jar: “Please…”

Kay: “So Jar, ever kissed a girl?”

Jar: ” Nope.” (Leans closer to Kay)

Kay: (Sits up abrubtly) “Isn’t that your ride?”

Jar: “I don’t think so…”

Kay: “Well-anyway-this-was-fun-we-should-do-it-again-sometime-thanks-so-much-bye!” (Walks away as fast as possible without looking suspicious)

Jar: (Bewildered look)

Maybe not such a promising start to a friendship. I’ve got to stop doing this to myself!


2 thoughts on “Best bros for never…

  1. I freakin love reading the blog.

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