Who, me?

There’s a certain kind of girl that gets the attention of boys, and I am not that kind at all. Or so I thought.

Now this isn’t just me having a pity party about my unattractiveness. But I have to acknowledge that there are different types of people in the world, and I’m not the boy magnet kind. It has less to do with my looks (which aren’t too bad, all things considered) and more to do with my sarcasm, wise-ass comments, and general self-involvement.  It’s a formula that naturally scares away guys.

So imagine my surprise when I caught the attention of two veeerrrry nice looking guys in one day.  How did I go from having no friends to this?

Boy Number 1: Mat

A very smart and cutely awkward guy in my journalism class.  As soon as he walked away I quickly flipped in our school newspaper to find an article by him. Turns out he’s a good writer too!  He spent the entire period ignoring his own work and looking at mine, slipping in compliments and showing me how to work Photoshop. Sometimes he just happened to grab my mouse hand to show me what to do…

Boy Number Two: Kol

A holy-crap-in-a-bucket hot football player (!) who moved to the empty seat in front of my when he saw me sit down in social studies today. There were too other girls pushing for his attention, but he talked to me the entire class. At the end, he slid his iPhone across my desk and gestured to the blank where I was supposed to put in my number. MY NUMBER! A guy asked for my number!

Earlier in the week, I was questioning this idea of a fresh start.  I guess the bright side of not knowing anyone is that you don’t have to be the same type of person as you were before. So if I want to be a boy magnet, dammit I can!


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