How to make friends…?

I had this whole plan. By going to a new school, I could avoid all of our group-o-friends drama (ie Jay and Zee’s constant long term relationship angst, La’s very short term relationship angst-new record: two hour relationship!-, and Nee’s hopeless crushes on people who are interested in her friends-first Jar, who liked Lis, and then Sas, who liked, well me). Also by going to a different high school, I could avoid reuiniting with a few people from my past who went to the other junior high. I’m talking about my one and only ex-boyfriend, Ty, soccer rival slash nasty/nice frenemy Cor, and of course, Ash, my gorgeous and completely disloyal ex best friend.

So a fresh start seemed like a good idea. But how fresh is too fresh? I knew a total of about five people when I started at the school in the city that I fondly refer to as Mustard High. That’s a pretty blank slate alright.  Especially considering I knew almost everyone who was going into the Comprehensive High in town. But being the crazy person that I am, I chose the more difficult road. I figured that I would find people to hang out with that I instantly clicked with. By the time the first week was up, I thought I would have a whole group to hang out with. Ha. What was I thinking?

So far, I have Sar, who talks to me in a couple classes, Lar, who tolerates me enough to let me sit with her alchy posse at lunch as they discuss new, fun ways to get drunk, and Nis, who’s locker is next to mine, and is a really funny guy except of course he has lots of friends other than me to joke with. And ther’s Sar, who is too shy to do any more than laugh at my sarcastic remarks under my breath in math class.  The few people who I actually do know are soccer friends, who frankly have better things to do than babysit me.

My current friends all have their own advice for me:

La: Make friends with a bunch of guys (great, how do I do that exactly?)

Lis: you don’t need friends at school, you have me! (Not helpful Lis)

Teammate #5: Just go up and make people talk to you! (Whhaaat? Does that actually work?)

Clearly I suck at this new kid thing. I’m not the type that just goes up and talks to people I don’t know. I’m shy. I’m safe. I like people to come to me. So why am I even bothering?


3 thoughts on “How to make friends…?

  1. In the exact same situation right now. Except at lunch time or break or whatever I’m the loser sitting in the library reading, funny thing is – I Don’t Read.
    PS: You are still hilarious

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