What happens after you leave…

Okay, picture this:

Me (The one and only, giggly, say-the-first-the-first-thing-that-comes-into-my-head-before-I-really-think-it-through Kay), La (The musical, sarcastic, funloving, boy magnet best friend), Zee (The sweet, awkward, but surprisingly sexy and built dutiful boyfriend to Jay, who treats him like a piece of toilet paper stuck to her shoe, but more on that later) and Ris (The purpetually coolest person in the room, rocker, hard partier, and also sensitive and unpredictable. And did I mention really hot?)

So it’s your average after school romp to no where in particular. We make a smoothie run, go to the park, complain about how bored we are, make stupid jokes, the usual. But it turns out that it go interesting as soon as I left.

Sitting with my absolutely gorgeous always-has-a-boyfriend best friend, and the first thing Ris says after I leave is:

Wow, Kay is like, really pretty.

Zee: Yeah, I know, I think that too.

Now this is how La tells it. If it was anyone else, I’d say they were lying, or at least exaggerating. But La doesn’t lie. Or rather, she is completely incapable. La lying is like a poodle speaking English.

So big deal, right? Well it kind of is. Without getting too wordy, let me just say that I was kind of a nerd in junior high. Okay a big nerd. I had a bad, short haircut and braces and no curves to speak of. The only guys hitting on me were desperate geekazoids.

Now if only one of those guys would say this stuff to my face…


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